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  1. Labrador Hound is a medium and large dog, with a mild personality, lively personality, high IQ, and very friendly to people. It is very suitable for dog breeds that are selected as guide dogs or other working dogs. (Pry dogs) (may be aggressive for furniture) and the three major offensive dogs in the three major non -aggressive dogs, Labrador IQ is ranked seventh in the world.
    Labrador in the US dog industry is the most registered variety, especially friendly to children, and slightly sticky to the owners.
    The early nineteenth century, taking a salt ship from Newfoundland to the UK. I heard that this kind of dog was the earliest dog that was introduced to Europe. From Newfoundland, it is a good helper for local fishermen to pull online. In addition to being a hound today, it can also be trained as a guide dog for reconnaissance drug explosives. Its smell sensitivity makes other dogs be unable to reach. In addition, it is also a common partner dog. Various types of Labrador hounds include as follows;
    The service dogs are mainly used to assist disabled people with inconvenient operations. These dogs usually carry a backpack with a necessity of the owner's daily life. They can buy with the owner from the supermarket, put the products they want to buy into the shopping cart, and help the owner take out things after returning home. This kind of service dog can serve almost everything. From pressing the elevator to any wheelchair He can help with things that the owner can't get, providing the best service for the disabled.
    The epilepsy dogs are used to help epilepsy make preparations before the attack. It can warn the owner before the owner's onset of the disease, so that the owner can find a safe wait for the attack in time. Generally, the epilepsy dogs will stop the owner from going to let the owner know that he is about to attack, and then wait for the owner to be next to him until the owner is fully returned to normal. With the assistance of this type of epilepsy, patients can live more comfortably. Various assistant dogs have a strong connection between their owners. The help it brings people cannot be measured. The disabled people can get out of the house because they improve their inconvenience in their lives. Confidence in life.
    This dogs who comfort dogs do not need to do special training like the aforementioned dogs. As long as the dog's temper is good, it can be touched, no aggressive or too shy. Of course, you must be able to obey the owner Commands, such as sitting, lying, waiting, etc. basic actions. The dogs usually used to make a comfort dog are privately owned. They can follow the owner to go to various hospitals or nursing institutions to visit the disorders or lonely elderly people or young children, let people touch or speak to it, so as to comfort the injury or loneliness. Heart. To become a comfort dog, you must apply to the relevant agencies and evaluate the dog by the agency before you can send a certificate of qualification to the comfort dog. Of course, not the dogs that every medical institution will visit.
    The content of this article comes from: "Diagnosis and Prevention of Pests and Pests" of China Agricultural Publishing House

  2. Labrador Retriever is a dog -owned animal,

    , also known as recovery dog, it is suitable for guide dogs or subway dogs, search and rescue dogs and other working dogs Dog breed. It is named for its origin in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The Labrador hound's head is wide, the nasal mirror is wide, and the nostrils are very developed. The ears hang on both sides of the head, slightly back. The neck length is moderate, the overall muscles are developed, and there is no fat. It is very smart, alert, and understanding, and is now distributed around the world.

    The head is refreshing, and the head lines are clear, and the wide head makes the head look quite large. The ears hang on both sides of the head, slightly back. The size of the eyes is moderate,

    is mostly brown, yellow or black, and the expression is very unsatisfactory. The neck length is moderate and not prominent. The ribs are well expanded, and the shoulders are longer and slightly oblique. The thickness and depth of the chest are good. The front foot is straight from below the shoulder to the ground, and the toes are tightly arched. The rear ankle is bent moderately, the length of the limbs is moderate, and the balance between the balance between the

    is slightly short; Vertical distance). The distance from the elbow to the ground is equal to half of the shoulder height. The chest extends to the elbow, but it is not very impressed. The body must have sufficient length to allow the pace, freedom and effectiveness;

    but he must not look short or tall or slender legs on the contour. Physical constitution: The physical and bone mass to the overall proportion. The physical fitness, "useless" individuals must be cleared simply. Similarly, rustic and clumsy individuals do not need to need it. Rabrador's retrieved dogs must show muscles (developed) under work conditions and cannot be too obese. The proportion of body length to shoulder height is about 12:11.

    The head
    This head is wide; very clear but not exaggerated. The head and the front face are on parallel to each other, and the length is roughly equal. The stop is moderate, and the eyebrows are slightly protruding, so the head to the tip of the nose is not a complete straight line

    . The eyebrow bone was emphasized. The head lines are clear, the cheeks do not have a lot of meat, the bone lines on the head are clear, the outline of the eyes is clear, but the cheeks are not prominent. The head shows a little centerline; the pillow bones of mature dogs are not significant. The lips cannot be drooping or drooping.

    but forming a curve in the direction of the throat. The wedge -shaped head, or the long and narrow head of the tone, the long and narrow head is the same as that of the thick head and cheeky. The mandibular part is powerful but not slender, and the tone is neither long and narrow nor short and thick.

  3. Labrador is a kind of blind dog -sweeping dogs search and rescue dog. It is named Labrador in Da Laizi in the body. It is very suitable for home -raising pet dogs.

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