1 thought on “The name of the three kittens for the cat's adventure”

  1. There are only two kittens in the adventures of the cat, namely:
    1, Du Cuisi:
    Du Cuisi is a pet cat who has always been accompanied by a retired female singer. He was jealous of the housekeeper because of his inheritance of the heritage. The housekeeper threw her and her children in the weeds of weeds, and she knew new friends and learned many valuable truths for cats.
    2, Thomas Omar:
    Thomas Omar is an optimistic and cheerful stray cat and appeared in front of Du Cuis at a critical moment. With the help of Thomas, the kittens not only grew healthy, but also learned many valuable truths for cats. Du Cuis and Thomas also staged a romantic relationship.

    "The Adventures of Cat" is a pleasant and interesting animation masterpiece. The dubbing is added to the icing on the film. The film is also a musical. Every soundtrack and songs are just right, bringing a cheerful atmosphere through the big screen.

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