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  1. Persian cats (details introduction)
    The cats have a cute face to see people, but they are also emotional. Sometimes it is docile like a little girl, sometimes unrestrained like a man. Almost every household has pets, so there must be a reason before you choose to raise pets. How much do you know about cats?
    It does not speak like humans, but also has thoughts and emotions. Cats can pass different emotions and wishes through different behavior. The owner of a pet cat should have the ability to interpret the cat's behavior. Only in this way can we understand the cat's inner world better and know how to take care of it.
    For example, when a cat feels relaxed and calm, it will lie down or sit calmly, the pupils shrink into a straight line, the eyes are half open, and even closed completely. It will easily wash the face with the front palm and wash the ears. Lie down, stretch your whole body forward, or make a ball in a ball. When it sleeps, it will stretch the front legs at a low back and back.
    When the cat is happy, it will straighten the tail, shake the tip of the tail gently, lean on the head, and your eyes; when the cat wants to approach you, when it is coquettish to you, it will sit first, it will sit first. Then the pupils were slightly large, the big tail was upright, or shaking gently. When you see a cat at first glance, you feel that it is going to rush over immediately.
    Sometimes pet cats are also angry. When it is angry, it will lower the whole body. It must be low front and back, the tail is flat, the ears are leaning forward, and the paws are all exposed.
    The cats can make a lot of movements in life, but each action also represents some different meanings. Through the display of behavior, cats pass on its emotional changes to the outside world. When it is happy, happy, angry, and calm, its movements are different. Of course, different pet cats may also have different behavior habits.
    of course, if you raise a cat for a long time, you will naturally understand her habit. After a long time, you will like to like cats more and more.

  2. 怡亲教你轻松get猫咪行为语言,让你更懂你的猫咪~rn一、仰躺在地rn猫咪在你面前仰躺,展示其软诺诺的肚皮,是信任你The performance, because Meow Meow will easily expose its soft belly only in a state of relaxation, which means that it believes that the surrounding environment and the people around you have no threat. Gift "Give you
    Slasts to go home from the outside and bring you some small objects for you. Whether it is other small animals or some small toys, or small objects such as canned cans, the cat just feels like If you like novelty, and you can move home, you will bring it back and put it in front of you or bed.
    In don't panic at this time. This is the cat's love for his family again, as a "hunter" to share with you the "loot".
    . Blinking
    The cat blinks your eyes to express your intimacy, and when staring at something, it may be curious or vigilant. Do not look directly at their eyes when getting along with cats, because for many animals, direct eyes representing attacks and provocations, and cats will confirm the relationship between people and themselves in this way.
    This will remember that you are the provider of cat food, you are the family you agree with, and give you a firm look.
    . When the cat is approaching you, when you are a cat, the cat makes a snoring sound, which is expressing comfortable and loving you signal ~ indicates that it is in a comfortable and lazy state, and it is very relaxed.
    five, rubbing
    When a cat is willing to use your nose, stick you with your face, congratulations, this is the cat's intimacy and welcome!
    of course, there are many small details, such as its "hunting performance", or bite you, which may not like your touch, such as hugs and strokes. Pay attention to observation

  3. To interpret the meaning of cats to express, you can start from three aspects:

    body language

    The mood is relaxed and calm-cat lying down or sitting, pupils shrink into a straight line , Eyes are half open, even closed completely. It will easily wash the face with the front palm and wash the ears. Lie down, stretch your whole body forward, or make a ball in a ball. When it sleeps, it will stretch the front legs at a low back and back.
    I grasily, greeted by relaxing-stand upright, stretch the tail, shake the tip of the tail gently, lean on his head, and your eyes.
    wants to approach you, ready to be coquettish-sitting, the pupils are slightly large, the big tail is upright, or shakes gently, and at a glance, I feel that it is coming.
    Gelsiers, coquettish-it will walk around your feet, constantly rubbing with your head, you put it on the table, it will use your head, your chin will continue to grind your face.
    Welcome-when you go home, it will run to the door and sit, slowly and largely shaking the tail to express "very happy, you are back, welcome to welcome."
    I lick the feet, sit down, shake my tail, saying, "I'm full, satisfied, happy."
    The trust-it will roll around the ground and roll on the ground, indicating that it trusts you completely and feels that it feels that it trusts you and feels like Very safe.
    The inspection borders-it will gently, the tail stretches around, and when there is an invader, it will explore the intention of the visitor first.
    Curiously stood up with your back, leaned forward with your ears, his tail hangs down, and the ends shake gently.
    Careful, I will be angry -beard vertical, and the tail swings quickly, indicating that it feels that the comer is not good. The next step may be to escape, maybe further intimidation, or even attack.
    The anger-the whole body is low, the tail is rolled up, the ears are pressed back, the mouth is opened, the dog's teeth are exposed, and the sound of the dogs
    . Prepare the attack-the lower half of the rear, the tail is flat, the ears are leaning forward, the ears are leaning forward, The claws are all exposed. Get escape, it is going to attack.
    The alert, anger -double ears flat, body arches, tails straight up, and the hair of the whole body is erected.
    The confusion, trouble and anger -standing low in the body, the tail hangs down, and slowly shakes.
    Surveying-the ear hangs down, the tail is rolled into the body, the beard is also drooping, and the body shrinks into a ball, indicating that I lose, and I surrender.

    Face language

    The calmness-the ears are naturally stretched upwards, the beard is naturally down, and the pupils are straight.
    The alert-Eye garden is open, the ears are completely forward, and the beard rises.
    Buy, fear-both ears facing the sides of the ears, eye oval, and the pupils are slightly enlarged.
    The warning, threats-the ears are lower, and the eyes are thinner, but it has not yet sounded.
    In further sound warning-the ears are flattened, the beard rises, the face is flat, and the eyes are thinner.
    The mind-the ears are forward, the pupils are slightly larger, and the beard sags.
    M surprise-the pupil is round, the ears are vertically, and the mouth is slightly open. This is the reaction of the male cat when he smells the urine of the estrus female cat, or the incense fish and meat in the kitchen.
    Curious-ears forward, mouth is closed, and the pupils are round.

    Sound language

    Roman and snoring-this is holding it with the chin in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the night, or stretching the limbs. Will make a snoring sound. And when it is sick or painful, it also snores. In addition, snoring can also be used to represent friendship.
    meow-low and gentle, say hello, welcome, feel good, answer. When loud, it may be complaining and begging.
    This-his hiss at the same time, the mouth opens, the tongue is rolled into a cylindrical shape, and the heat is exhaled at the same time. It is used to show fear, anger, and even threatening the other party to stop.
    Mi-oh, Mi-Wow-is sent out when confused, having something.

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