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  1. 1. These are signs of TA pregnancy
    The appearance symptoms of general cat pregnancy are the earliest color of the nipples from pale pink to dark pink, and because the hair next to the nipples will fall off, the nipple appears particularly prominent Essence These symptoms should appear within 3 weeks after mating.
    2. After confirming that the cat is pregnant
    Once you confirm that your cat is pregnant, you can take TA to a regular pet hospital for a "pregnancy test" under conditions. If the doctor is checked and the cat's physical condition is normal, you will explain to you that if you go back, you should prepare for the cat production. However, if the doctor judges that cats are currently not suitable for production, removing ovarian at this stage is the most suitable and the smallest plan.
    3. Adjust the diet during pregnancy
    Then a cat has different nutritional needs during pregnancy, not just feeding high nutritional foods. Keep your diet unchanged in the early stage to prevent the female cat from getting fat and dystocia. In the later period, it can be replaced with foods containing higher nutritional ingredients, because the female cat will squeeze the stomach when pregnant, and the diet is limited.
    4, do you want to take a B -ultrasound
    Suggestions! If you want to know how many cat cubs are pregnant and determine the position of the gestational sac, you need to do a B -ultrasound. Generally, 43-45 days of pregnancy, you can see the bones of the kitten cubs after shooting X-rays. For about 20 days, you can detect the heartbeat of the kitten through B-ultrasound. Knowing a few kitten cubs, it is also helpful for the pet owner's life!

    5, give TA a warm inter -delivery time!
    This cats are usually signs of nesting. Because they need a warm, secluded and safe place to produce. The shoveling officers can prefer to prepare the cat mother! Simply put, prepare a large carton, put a soft layer of blanket inside, and do not have too exciting flavors on the carton and blankets, because the cat mother distinguishes the baby by the smell. Finally, put a food basin and water basin near Xiaowo, and put on a cat sand pot in a slightly far away.
    6, last tips
    1) The shoveling officer can check the pet hospital closest to home in advance. Once a cat is difficult to give birth or an accident occurs, you can send it to the hospital in time.
    2) Prepare clean scissors and towels. When you need help, help TA dry the new kitten and cut the umbilical cord.
    3) Wash your hands and make a "delivery" massage under the necessary circumstances.
    But in general, keep a distance from cats to be given birth. Cats do not need you during the production process, but your appearance will make her more at ease.

    In psychological preparations
    The birth of each small life brings joy, but in the process of waiting, we need to make a lot of preparation, whether it is physiological or psychological. Whether it is an accidental pregnancy or a prepared pregnancy, we have to think about the whereabouts of the new life. If you are pregnant by accident, you can quickly arrange sterilization after birth!

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