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  1. The welding industry is easy to find a job.
    The welders are very widely used, especially the current industrial manufacturing industry. For example: Petroleum petrochemicals, aviation power, transportation, equipment machinery manufacturing and other companies, it can be said that welding is needed for places with metals.

    The industries are constantly transforming and upgrading. High -end, precision, intelligence and other manufacturing will require more professional high -skilled welders, and salary is also very high.

    The people think that the salary of welding workers is high because this industry has a hard work. In fact, welding is actually a hard technology.

    This welding is widely used in industrial departments such as Aerospace, aviation, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, construction and machinery manufacturing. In China's economic development, welding technology is an indispensable processing method, but current welding is currently welded The cultivation of professionals cannot meet the employment needs of society.

    S especially lack of talents in the techniques of secondary welding, arc welding, and electric pillar welding technology. This has created a large demand for welding skills, urgent demand, and high salary.

    The general professional welding talents, with a monthly salary of 6000 ~ 10,000 yuan, and the special welding industry is as high as tens of thousands of yuan.

    The people do not need too high education. As long as they have the spirit of being able to work hard, hard -working, hard work, learning technology can be employed at high salaries.

    The aspiration, laid -off workers, and veterans who want to master welded technology are waiting for the jobs, and the dream of high salary as soon as possible will drive the family to get rid of poverty and become rich.

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    I is very easy to find a job according to my understanding. The salary is generally around 2000. It is nearly 3,000. It is a shortage of positions. You can go to the Weihai Talent Market to see, or you can find the recruitment of talents on Weihai Information Port.
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  3. This belongs to the technical type. As long as the technology is too strong, it is easy to find a job. Welded with five technical grades: junior workers, intermediate workers, senior workers, technicians, and senior technicians. Including 12 secondary types of workmanship including electric welder, gas welders, automobile welding workers, CNC gas welding cutter operators, plasma cutting workers.

    The welder is a mechanical heat processing type of mechanical manufacturing and processing personnel. Mainly operate welding and gas cutting equipment, welding or cutting of metal workpieces. The degree of basic cultural level requires graduating from junior high school. It is necessary to have a certain ability to learn and understand and expression. Fingers and arms are flexible, the arm is coordinated, the vision is good, and the ability to distinguish the color and lightness.

  4. The work of the welding industry is relatively easy to find, because the construction site is relatively scarce welding workers. And if your technology is good, find a better job.

  5. I think this is still very easy to find because after all, it is better to find the special work salary. It is better to find it if the recruitment platform is reliable. For example, fish, soaking is very good

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