5 thoughts on “What are the problems with the mother and baby industry now? How should I solve it?”

  1. The mother and baby industry market has gradually expanded, so there is no way to get certain rules. Everyone knows that parents attach great importance to their children's growth, so they have various competitions. In the process of competition, we must ensure the quality of milk powder and cannot have a certain impact on the child. If the milk powder is serious and the business model is unclear, there will be various problems. Everyone has to protect the body of others, and don't have the phenomenon of just making money regardless of the body. Profit is not the ultimate goal. Don't be blinded by money.
    Pevk's economic level is continuously improved, and the concept of consumption has also changed. Consumers are more and more like to put their eyes on imported maternal and infant products, so they choose to do hands and feet from this aspect. Don't promote some imported products too much, it is not the best. In fact, domestic things are also very good, and they are adjusted according to the physical condition of the child. Some foreign products will also appear corners and materials, and various conditions will occur.
    It to completely solve the problems of the mother and baby industry, then do not let the platform have a phenomenon of vicious competition. If the competition is too fierce, there will definitely be a difficult situation in the internal and external pinching, and there is no way to statistics on thorough data. The health of the baby must be guaranteed, and the competition cannot cause some harm to the child. Some maternal and infant e -commerce companies were forced to squeeze out, and there was no way to choose to transform. It is necessary to reduce this competition properly in order to better survive the mother and baby shop.
    In general, relevant departments and regulatory agencies must establish a good regulatory system and strive to maintain the order of the mother and baby market. To improve the entry threshold for health and safety mother and baby products, random random inspections must be performed. If you find unqualified maternal and infant products, it must be exposed in a timely manner. Only by strengthening illegal punishment can those people who are not good at converging. Only in a strict way can we better protect the child's health.

  2. Although the development of my country's mother and baby industry has a better opportunity under the support of the government, it can be seen from some data that there are still many shortcomings in the current status of the mother and baby industry, and there are more pain points. The most important of these is the mother and baby service, which is also at a relatively low level, and the market competition is in a state of chaos. On the other hand, there are service staff in the mother and baby industry. There are fewer outstanding talents, and they are generally older. To solve these problems, maternal and infant companies need to work hard.
    Them mother and baby industry can develop well, which is very important for the masses, because maternal and infants are very valued in society, so it is even more hope for the future of society. growing up. One of the most serious development of the mother and baby industry in my country is that the level of service is relatively low. In this field, the proportion of outstanding talents is very small, and some outstanding talents will also fly alone after accumulating a certain source of customers.
    has obvious differences between the mother and baby service industry and other service industries, because in this field, consumers' dependence on service staff can be said to be very strong. Personnel dependence, and this service cycle is more long. After the service is served, the customer will introduce other customers to it. In this way, outstanding talents will accumulate their own consumers, so that they will threaten a great loss for maternal and infant companies. In addition, because the threshold of the mother and baby industry is very low, the competition in this industry is chaotic, and there are some mixed fish and dragons.
    If to solve the problem, it is not enough to rely on government support. Some companies in the mother and baby industry themselves also need to rectify themselves, which is especially important to improve the industry's threshold. Enterprises also need to provide necessary welfare benefits for outstanding employees so that they can retain talents and retain talents to retain consumers.

  3. The market is very competitive and competitive is a good thing, but it is a potential business risk to do not guarantee that there will be merchants in order to make profits. This is also a potential business risk. Maternal and infant shop operators need to give the product more added value, give customers more practical infant care knowledge, treat others with sincerity, guidance of professional knowledge, let customers believe in you, and then generate loyalty.

  4. Many products are very low, but the price of sales is very high, and many products are very bad, which hurts the human body; people in related departments should be tested in time, and then reported in time. Strongness also increases punishment, so that these problems can be solved.

  5. False propaganda, false advertisements, and the price of items are particularly high; people in the relevant departments should be rectified in time, so that these problems can be solved.

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