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  1. In WeChat, there is also a WeChat group. Its role seems to be pulled into a group of people in a room, and everyone can hear them alone. So the question comes. If a friend wants to enter the group, how can he pull him into the WeChat group? The two methods are as follows:
    . Invite the group through WeChat:

    1, open WeChat, find the group chat that needs to be invited [...]
    3, at this time we can see that there are [ ] and [-] numbers behind the group members. Here we are inviting others to enter the group. We checked the person who needed to invite, and then click the determination key in the lower right corner
    5. At this time, we will see a system message at the bottom of the group chat. XX joins the group chat, which also means that this person was successfully invited to enter into group.

    . Enter the group through WeChat QR code

    1. Open WeChat and find the group chat that needs to be invited
    2, click group chat, and then Click [...]
    3 in the upper right corner. Select the group QR code. After opening, there will be a QR code
    4. Share this QR code. People who scan this QR code will enter the group. , But when the number of groups is over 200, it cannot be used.

  2. Enter the chat information and click to add box, √ Select the members into the group; let me share the operation process:
    1. Open WeChat software, enter the group chat, and click [three points] in the upper right corner.
    2. Then click the [ ] box below.
    3. Then find the invitation member [√ Select], and then click [Complete].
    4. After the invitation is successful, the chat interface will be [Show] as shown below.
    If you still have a comment, you can comment and ask me to answer other questions for you.

  3. 1. Click on the WeChat on the phone.
    2, after entering WeChat, find the WeChat group you need to pull your friends in.
    3, enter the chat information page of WeChat group, click the three small dot icon buttons in the upper right corner.
    4. Click the " " icon button on the new page.
    5, choose the name of your friends who need to pull into the WeChat group, and then click the OK button in the upper right corner.
    6. After clicking OK, you can see that you have succeeded in your friends closer WeChat group.

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