The United States has "retreating groups" and has a decline in credibility. What exactly does the United States do?

4 thoughts on “The United States has "retreating groups" and has a decline in credibility. What exactly does the United States do?”

  1. 2020 is the year of disaster in the United States. Internal and external problems are bald, not only the disputes between the various parties in the election. However, the poor people must have hatred. The United States is so embarrassed that most of their own reasons are in it. They have always wanted to expand hegemonism to the United States around the world, and finally encountered a stubble.

    . Since Trump came to power, the United States has been very bold, and its international operation is also quite mysterious. The Trump administration has withdrawn from multiple international treaties and frequently Destroy the contract to make the credibility of the United States fall to the freezing point. Each country has a responsibility for the world's development, but some countries obviously do not have such a "collective" consciousness.

    On the third day of Trump's office, the United States announced his withdrawal from the TPP agreement, and then withdraw from the "Guide Treaty" A nuclear agreement such as the Yiru Nuclear Agreement. From Trump’s decisions, we can see that the United States will have changed greatly in military strategies. During Trump's politics, military expenses are the first of national expenses, which also means that Trump will be more More energy has been devoted to military aspects, and combined with the United States frequently withdraw from military agreements, it seems that the idea of ​​the United States wants the world of hegemony has not changed.

    In May this year, the United States plans to announce the withdrawal of the "Open Sky Treaty". Under such a severe international situation, the United States still insists on withdrawing from the international treaty, which is the same as that of it. International tension atmosphere. Although the outside world has no good remarks in the United States, and in international cooperation, the United States has also lost the trust of other countries, but the United States, which is full of hegemonism, has not regarded the evaluation of the outside world as one thing. The United States is a country that is supreme. There is nothing to be driven by the United States that can be driven by great interests. They will not consider the consequences of this matter as long as there is no damage to interests, and the impact on the image of the country can be ignored.
    The purpose of each international treaty is to balance the interests between countries and ensure the relatively safe international environment, but this also means that in some aspects Reached. Obviously, the United States does not have this kind of peaceful consciousness. As long as the interests of the country are harmed in their eyes, it is a top priority. Those who have been abandoned must play a constraint on some aspects of the United States. "Big Fist", exiting is expected.
    In the United States "retreating group", naturally I will think of their credibility decline, but this represents their tough attitudes to their own interests, and the beauty that is not restricted is more dangerous. It depends on the efforts of all countries internationally.

  2. The United States wants to obtain greater autonomy and is not bound by other organizations, which also shows that the starting point of all their work is based on their own interests.

  3. The United States wants to fly by itself, make a decision itself, and is not bound by others. This is the case in the United States. I feel that getting them with everyone, I choose to separate.

  4. To attract the attention of other countries. The United States uses the group to retreat to express dissatisfaction, hoping to attract the attention of other countries.

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