3 thoughts on “What is the semiconductor industry? Why is it called semiconductor”

  1. Physical problems,
    The conductivity of objects is categorized,
    thinking about iron, copper, etc., ... belongs to good conductors,
    silver at a certain temperature belongs to superconductors, because at this time at this time The resistance suddenly disappeared, and the magnetic suspension train was designed. …
    This non -conductive or extremely low conductivity becomes insulators, such as wood, rubber,
    and more of a certain conductivity, like diode, triode, ...
    This is a combination of such manufacturers, sellers, etc.

  2. Semiconductors are materials that conductors are between conductors and insulators, such as silicon, 锗, etc. The semiconductor industry is mainly used by microprocessors and memory chips for computers, digital music players and other electronic products.

  3. What is semiconductor?

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