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  1. At present, the current situation of real estate is that the sales office generally does some live activities, or interspersed game plug -in in WeChat, and go to the sales office to receive prizes.

    . The status quo of real estate WeChat public account now: Always send real estate information, occasionally do activities, basically very few people, very little effect, and fewer and fewer people see it. Essence

    It I think that doing a good public account must have several characteristics. It is necessary to truly give customers what they want, find topics that customers are interested in, and help customers solve practical problems.

    It now, for now, a real estate public account is really successful, which is basically very few. Generally, the number of your home is good, and the information of your family also said that the information of your family also sent It is more grounded, saying that online activities you do are relatively good and so on. However, it is limited to the praise within the industry. Successful real estate WeChat public account is the success of the public account that customers say good, so it can be said that the good real estate public account can be said to be very small. Is there a better Jinan real estate WeChat company in Jinan?

    If you want to succeed, you must have several characteristics, one professional design team, one professional planning team, and the other is what value WeChat is in your company. What kind of positioning, if you really want to succeed, you must have a reasonable positioning.

    . For example, a company selling walnut milk sponsored the most powerful brain program. It is difficult for people to understand. What is the connection between walnut milk with the most powerful brain? The nutritional value, often eating walnuts can replenish brain and brain, and linked walnut milk with the most powerful brain, so this company sponsored the show.

    Wen we can invest a show such as the brain of the house. If we say that the brain program of this house is watching at the same time, there are no more than a dozen of them. Do you buy a house?

    But what's the matter with the real estate WeChat public account? Almost every real estate public account is sent to the house information every day, or because of rushing the progress, these contents must be posted, but only some customers want to be in it At a certain stage, he doesn't want to watch at other times, but you still keep sending him, which will cause the customer's boredom, and even the customer will cancel the attention of the public account.

    It a successful WeChat public account, nothing more than solid powder and suction powder. Fan powder is to fix the original old customers; sucking powder is to absorb new fans on the basis of the original customer. So how do we do these few steps

    So we have to find and send the information that customers are interested in and needed to succeed,

    The information can not be paid to the real estate industry at all. It must be liked by customers. Similarly, I often drink a few walnuts with my brain. If you want to buy a house, you can see the "certain house".

    Is Real Estate WeChat Future: If you change it, and add your own ideas, you will innovate this number, make a product, and make a show. Seeing, more people pay attention to, more successful.

    Is this article can help you. If this article is not understood, welcome to consult and discuss, let us make progress together.

    A editor -in -chief: Xiao Ke

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