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  1. For every artist, the role of assistants is very large. The assistant of ordinary artists is commissioned or hired by a special brokerage company. Artists' assistants are usually not allowed to apply by themselves. They are specially cultivated by special companies to choose from one person. The artist's assistant is responsible for the wide range of work. In addition to the artist's normal daily life, Harbin Medicine helps artists to handle many work things.
    The work of an artist is to take care of the entertainer's life. The most important job of an artist's assistant is to help artists arrange daily life, such as the most basic normal life needs such as eating, rest, and travel are the scope of the assistant, and it is also the most basic work of an artist assistant. Second, the work arrangement of the artist's work arrangement Essence The artist's assistant sometimes is the same person with the agent, so he has to plan the work and itinerary for the artist for a day. Common commercial performances, shooting, activities, etc. are all arranged in advance; finally, the artist's personal development plan. The artist's assistant also needs to plan for the development of the artist, formulate a suitable personal development path for the artist, and put forward some development suggestions and opinions for the artist. Help artists grow faster.
    . Care and live in the entertainer. The most basic job of an artist assistant is to provide services to the artist. Because the artist's work is very busy, there is no time to consider some basic things, and the assistant needs to arrange the basic life for the artist in advance. Including the most basic arrangements such as eating, rest, and travel.
    . The work arrangement of the artist. The artist's assistant sometimes needs to take part of the work of the agent, including arranging the work schedule for the artist, and arranging the time of the artist to ensure that each job can be performed on time. Common commercial performances, shooting and activities require assistance to make an appointment in advance.
    . The personal development plan of the artist. The artist's assistant also needs to make suggestions for artists and provide some opinions and suggestions for artists at work. Let's ensure the correctness of the decision -making. Including the career planning of the artist and the future development direction of the individual are the assistance of the assistant.
    What do you think the most important role of an artist's assistant?

  2. Help artists arrange a living and distribute working time reasonably. Most of the celebrities' assistants are introduced by acquaintances or acquaintances, because they know the roots, they are also relieved.

  3. The artist's assistant is actually serving the artist. After the artist receives the notice, he must be responsible for the transmission of information, accompany the artist to shape the shape, and then ensure the comfort of the artist during work. Water, object handling, etc. Artist assistants are generally students from media, news, or language. To interview some artists' companies, it is important to note that some of the celebrities on the Internet need to give themselves resources.

  4. The main thing is that when the artist attended various activities or filming, he followed the artists, and the chores such as buying water to buy water and umbrella communication were responsible for the assistance. Generally, there were film and television companies recruited. If you are interested, you will apply.

  5. The artist's assistant is mainly responsible for the daily life of the artist, and helping the artist handle daily trivial things, in fact, most of them. The artist assistant is a relative and friend who knows around him.

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