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  1. HLB value (-lipophile Balance Number) is called hydrophilic water balance value, also known as water and oil degree. In 1949, W.C.Griffin took the lead in proposing the HLB value point, indicating the balanced relationship between the hydrophilic group in the surfactant molecule and the parent group. In HLB, H "" means hydrophilicity, L is "" representing oil, and B is the meaning of balanced.

    HLB = hydrophilicity/parental hydrocariasis.

    The degree of liquid or hydrophilicity of the surfactant can be judged with the size of the HLB value. The larger the HLB value, the stronger the hydrophilicity, and the smaller the HLB value, the stronger the liquidity. Generally speaking The HLB value is between 1 ~ 40. It is not only related to the hydrophilic oil of the surfactant, but also the tension, adsorption, emulsification and emulsion stability, decentralization, dissolving, decontamination, dehuminariality, dehuminariality, dehuminariality, dehuminariality, decontamination properties on the interface Performance -related, and the application performance of the surfactant. HLB has important reference value in practical applications. The hydrocariasis surfactant HLB is low, and the hydrophilic surfactant HLB is higher. The hydrophilic oil turning point HLB is 10. HLB is less than 10 as a car oil and more than 10 is hydrophilicity.

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