4 thoughts on “The second Bitcoin ETF is approved in the world. Is Bitcoin still rising in the future?”

  1. The world's second Bitcoin ETF was approved. I think Bitcoin has no room for rising, because the total market value of Bitcoin has a large market value, the price is already high, and the rise is too large. Essence
    With the continuous development of society, technology has brought a lot of benefits to our lives. At the same time, many emerging industries have made us see the power of technology. Bitcoin as a new thing for emerging industries has received many people's attention. The year has also become a symbol of wealth. The world's second Bitcoin ETF was approved. I think Bitcoin has not had much room for rise, because Bitcoin has recently increased very much, the total market value is already very high, and Bitcoin itself does not generate profits. This has led to different valuations. This is why I don't think Bitcoin's future space will not be too large.
    I. Bitcoin itself does not generate profit market value and valuation.
    The must know that the Bitcoin itself does not generate profits, that is, it will not increase value to Bitcoin. The price of a bitcoin that cannot generate profits is already more than $ 50,000, and it is more than 300,000 yuan to convert to RMB. This is a very scary data, and the total market value of Bitcoin has reached trillion. The price of a non -industrial profit is so high and the market value is so large. I think Bitcoin has no room for increase.
    . What is the impact of Bitcoin ETF approved on Bitcoin.
    Hang everyone knows that ETFs are actually a fund. This fund can buy bitcoin. Pure message interpretation is a good, because Bitcoin needs to rise to buyers, but ETF funds are limited. It is impossible to buy it all the time. Bitcoin, and the market value of Bitcoin is trillions, this ETF fund basically does not fluctuate much on the price of Bitcoin, which is why I think Bitcoin will not continue to rise.
    3? Can I buy bitcoin in this position?
    I don't think this position is involved in Bitcoin, because the wave of Bitcoin has risen by about 30%, and the rise has been very large. At this time Essence

  2. There are also, this is because its uncertain factors are very large, and the increase and decline are relatively sudden.

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