1 thought on “How to collect bonus coins in love to talk about videos”

  1. one. Wang Baoqiang type (sign -in) daily check -in to get love chat points.
    S check -in is the easiest way to obtain a chat point. You can lightly click the sign -in button daily. Bind your Weibo for sign -in to get more love chats!
    PS: High work, non -perseverance, can not succeed!
    . Gao Fushuai (Member)
    The users who are successfully registered and activated for more than 10 days. You can get more chats and enjoy more privileges by opening red diamonds and blue diamonds.
    activated red diamond 50 yuan : Get 600 chat beans and enjoy group message privileges.
    The activated blue diamond 100 yuan: Add 2,000 Liao Doudou to send mobile phone text messages and call international calls.

    ps: Gao Fushuai among members is also a kind of Gao Fushuai!
    . Literary youth type (Weibo recommendation registration)
    entering Weibo sharing will prompt you to send a Weibo with love linking links. If you have friends and relatives registered with your link, you will get 30 love chat Points.
    PS: Young people of literature and art, there are always Weibo!
    . Filial silk type (download software)
    Moving more points to get more points in love to chat, the first one is to install recommended software. There is a trick in it. If you have installed the recommended software, you can delete it first. Then enter the love chat download and install. This can get points.
    PS: It is said that the method of youth youth is to do not open, open for three years!
    . Enjoy its molding (web page recommendation registration)
    The high -end talents, in some posts, forums, blogs, high fame, and even their own website, put the promotion link of love chat, briefly introduce it Then love chatting beans rolling up and enjoy it!
    PS: One minute on the stage, ten years off the stage.
    . The principle of the method of sharing SMS sharing is the same as the method of sharing with SMS (SMS recommendation)
    . It is to let others register through their own promotion links.
    PS: a small text message for a dime, in exchange for 30 minutes. Small, savvy businessmen!

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