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  1. 1. Out Seizure Trading Rules outside the stock market
    1, transaction time:
    [Jiancang] 9: 30-14: 30 on the trading day is the transaction at that time (the transaction time is about 5 minutes); after 14: 30 Submitted to transactions the next day.
    [] The second day after the successful position can be used, it can be feasible, and the longest period of time is the exercise period of buying options.
    2, exercise period and method:
    The exercise period is divided into 2 weeks-12 weeks (currently 1-3 months), the longer the corresponding rights, the higher the rights;
    exercise method is American -style exercise, which means that at any time within the period (except for the construction of the warehouse), you can choose to do exercise;
    If of the stock suspension, the suspension time is not as good as the exercise period, it will not be as unacceptable as the exit period is not affected by the exit period. Impact; surpass the opening price of the first day after the trading period.
    3. Stocks that cannot be bought
    (1) Stocks that are suspended, ST stocks, resumption of trading without more than a month of stock, three months of new shares
    (2) opening daily limit or daily limit When the stock
    (3) When the opening and falls exceeded 8%, if there is a retracement to less than 8%, you can buy
    4, the principle of compulsory liquidation and risk control of brokers
    (1) Small and medium -sized plates in consecutive (Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks) in consecutive daily limit two consecutive interventional coercion liquidation mechanisms 冲 自
    (2) Disar continuous daily limit does not accumulate
    . The declaration system
    Trading unit: Zhang
    The minimum price change unit of the options of stock: 0.001 yuan/per share
    If the target assets are stocks: the maximum number of declarations for a limited price is 100. The maximum number of single declarations for the market price is 50.
    If the target assets are ETF: The maximum number of declarations for a limited price is 100. The maximum number of single declarations for the market price is 50.
    . The purchase restriction system
    The stock option transaction implements the purchase restriction system for individual investors, which means that the scale of the funds for individual investors to buy options to open positions must not exceed its percentage of its assets in securities accounts.
    The specific standards for the purchase restriction system are as follows:
    The size of the funds used by individual investors to buy options cannot exceed the maximum value below: 10%of the customer's account assets of the securities company, or the first 6 months, If the designated transaction is less than 6 months, it is calculated at the actual date. Average daily holding 20%of the Shanghai market value, except for the hedging and arbitrage accounts approved by the exchange and approved by the exchange. The buying quota is taken for 100,000 to get the value.
    (1) Limited positioning system
    The equivalent transactions of stocks implementation, that is, restrictions on the number of positions of institutions and individual investors, stipulate that investors can hold and calculate according to unilaterally calculated by one -sided calculation The largest number of all contracts for a certain target. According to one -sided calculation, it means that the prices of each row price for the subscription or put option of the same contract or the delivery option, and the joint position of each expiration month is calculated according to the bullish or falling direction. Specifically, the subscribed options rights and the employees of the put options are to see the direction of the bullish direction.
    (2) Limited opening system
    The option transaction of stocks also implements a limited opening system, that is, a system of restricting opening up positions for the same expiration of the same expiration month of the same target securities.
    The only for stock subscription options. On any trading day, the total number of contract targets corresponding to the same expiration of the same expiration of the same target securities exceeds 30%of the contractual share capital of the contract. When the end of the end of the end of the first day of the position reached 28%, the exchange will remind the market to the market before opening the market on the next trading day. When the above ratio is less than 28%, the limitation of this institute will be lifted from the second trading day.

  2. Hello! The trading rules are as follows:
    1, 9:15 to 9:25, 9:30 to 11:30, 13:00 to 15:00 on each trading day. Among them, from 9:15 to 9:25 are the bidding time of the opening, 14: 57-15: 00 is the closing time of the closing bidding time, and the rest of the time is continuous bidding time.

    2, specific transaction rules:

    (1) The type of buying and selling includes: buying open positions, buying positions Open positions and preparation for liquidation.

    (2) The option buyer shall pay the rights; the option seller collects the rights, and shall pay the security deposit in accordance with the provisions of the Institute and China.

    (3) Investors who buy closure positions must hold the corresponding obligation warehouse. If the number of entrustment to buy a liquidation is more than the voluntary warehouse held, the entrustment is invalid.

    (4) If investors are commissioned by selling liquidations, they must hold the corresponding rights warehouse. If the number of entrustment for the liquidation of the position exceeds the right warehouse, the entrustment is invalid.

    (5) Investors should be reserved and opened, and the contract locking instructions shall be submitted first to submit the contract in the securities account to securities for the preparation of the opening of the position. In real time, the corresponding amount of reserve securities is locked in real time. The lock -ups shall not be sold after the lock -up and reserve securities. It can only be used to reserve the opening of the position or remove the reserve lock. Circular shares of limited sales conditions shall not be designated as reserve securities.

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  3. What is the options? What is the options of individual stocks, also known as stock options, which is a financial derivative, similar to the rags in the A -share market before. Investors can look at the stocks. At this time, you only need to pay less expenses to buy the bullish options of the target securities. If the stock is rising on the date of the stock options, investors can directly sell the options, or they can use more than using more than more. The low exercise price is purchased to the stock, and then sells for income in the secondary market. (It can be traded at any time) The transaction method is very flexible. If the stock falls, investors can give up options and only lose a small amount of rights. The impact of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50ETF individual options? 1. Further increase the degree of transaction activity of A shares. Most of the participants of stock options are institutional investors and major enterprise shareholders. This part of the group is the main participation force of arbitrage transactions. If you want to find an option arbitrage opportunity, you must allocate a positive stock.
    2. Added a new hedge tool. Most retail investors add a more flexible and conservative hedge tool when the market is downturn. Catering insurance.
    The stock option trading rules Investors participating in the threshold of options transaction restrictions, individuals are not less than 500,000, and the institutions are not less than 1 million rules need to reach at least two points for individual investors: (1) the market value of securities in securities firms A total of not less than RMB 500,000 (2) transactions with more than RMB 500,000 (not included in securities and funds incorporated through financing trading transactions) with funds accounts (not included in the financing trading. ; Or the futures company has more than 6 months of account opening and has financial futures transaction experience for institutional investors to meet at least two requirements: (1) The balance of market value and fund account available in securities firms (excluding through financing trading transactions to integrate incorporate incorporations into the integration Securities and funds) not less than RMB 1 million (2) What are the conditions for net assets not less than 1 million equity bids? The contract target can be both stocks or trading funds (ETFs), but the following conditions must be met: (1) must be a securities of margin margin margin; (2) the stock marketing time is not less than 6 months; No less than 6 months (3) stocks need to fluctuate too much: the average daily volatility of the last 6 months does not exceed three times the daily fluctuation of the benchmark index (4) It takes nearly 6 months to hold the average daily holding of the daily holding of 6 months. The number of accounts of not less than 4,000 (small -cap stocks) option contracts to the date of date: the fourth Wednesday of the expiration month, if it is holidays and the market day, it will be postponed to the next trading day. Options contract Time: 9: 15-9: 25 (opening a bidding), 9: 30-11: 30, 13: 00-15: 00 (14: 57-15: 00 is the closing the bidding time) Options instructions include content: (1) contract account number; (2) contract transaction code; (3) buying and selling types (including buying open warehouses, buying positions, selling positions As well as rectification and liquidation, etc.) (4) Number of commission (5) commission type and price (including ordinary price commission, market price remaining price -limited entrustment, residual market price commission, full real -time price commission, full real -time market price commission commission ) The number of declarations and quantities of trading units and quantity is 1 or an integer multiple of those who are applied for. Objective contract rising and falling limit Restriction of the maximum increase of subscription options = MAX {The closing price of the contract before the contract × 0.5%, min [(2 × contract before the closing price -exercise price), the closing price before the contract of the contract] × 10%} Subscription subscription The maximum decline of options = the closing price before the contract × 10%put the maximum increase in options = MAX {exercise price × 0.5%, min [(2 × exercise price -the closing price before the contract target), the closing price before the contract target] × The maximum decline of 10%storage options = the closing price of the previous closing price of the contract × 10%transaction rules: regardless of the collection or continuous bidding, it is matched in accordance with the rules of priority and time priority. Continuous bidding period: match the principle of priority and time priority. What is the priority of liquidation? That is, the declaration of the daily limit price, the application for buying a liquidation (including rectangular liquidation) is given priority to the opening of the position. Options are non -T 0 transactions, and only have no right to exercise: the option contract bought on the day can be performed on the same day. On the same day, the instructions for exercise declarations are valid on the day and can be revoked on the same day. Detailed explanation of the entrusted type: ordinary price limit declaration: refers to the purchase and sell option contract at a limited price or lower than the limited price. It is valid on the day of the declaration, and the ministry can be revoked. The remaining price limit declaration of the market price: According to the market -available optimal price sale option contract, the non -transaction part shall be reported to a normal price limit according to the application of the party's declaration; For the price limit; if there is no party declaration, the declaration will be revoked. The residual cancellation declaration of the market price: According to the market -available optimal price sale option contract, the unpaid department is automatically revoked. Full real -time price limit declaration: Based on a limited price or better price to buy and sell options contracts, if the number of declarations cannot be immediately revoked, all the transactions are automatically revoked. Full real -time market price declaration: According to the market -available optimal price sale option contract, if the number of declarations cannot be immediately revoked, all the transactions are automatically revoked.

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