1 thought on “What are the conditions for trading cat receiving orders?”

  1. The conditions are as follows
    1. The deposit needs to be paid by 50,000 yuan.
    2. Ordinary exercise permissions: You can publish and exchanges for game training products, but some special cooperative game training products are not displayed on the site of the site. For details, please refer to the announcement "Upgrade of the Trading Cat Training Service Upgrade". (Note: The protection period of trading is 24 hours)
    The trading cat is a mobile game trading platform. Players can trade game coins, props and account numbers. After the official launch operation on July 6, 2013, it mainly provides game coins, equipment, account numbers and other game trading services for popular mobile online games. The transaction content can cover mainstream mobile phone operating systems such as domestic iOS, Android, as well as UC, 360 and 91 and other games. Channel login account.
    Player can find time and space hunters, gods, Demon, Dota legend, let go of the Three Kingdoms, God's Blade, Tiantian Cool Run, God Condor Heroes, Hunter Alliance, My name is MT, Hero Soul Soul, Fairy Change, Fairy Change, Fairy Change, Fairy Change, Fairy Change, Fairy Change, Fairy Change, Fairy Change, Fairy Change, Fairy Change King 2. Big head, the world's OL and many other popular mobile games, props, props, gold coins and other virtual items. And follow the needs of the player users to open more game transactions.

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