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  1. VFP Basic Data Type: C-Character N-Numerous 1-Type F-Floating Point B-Double-precision Y-Monetary L-Logic D-Date T-Date Time M-Remarks G- GM
    u003CEXPC> character expression u003CEXPN> Numeral expression u003CEXPT> Date -time time type expression.
    Extended knowledge: What is a report: The report is a data organization form in VFP. We usually use the report to print out the data extracted from the database table.
    The report is composed of two basic parts: data source and data layout. The data source specifies the data source in the report, which can be a table, view, query, or temporary table; the data layout specifies the location and format of each output content in the report. The report extracts data from the data source and outputs data according to the position and format of the layout definition.
    The value of the actual data in the data source does not store the actual data in the data source, but only the position and format of the data is stored. This is similar to the characteristics of the view. Therefore, every time you print, the content of the printing report is not fixed, and it will change with the changes in the content of the database.

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