Chengdu a puppy wears a mask as a nucleic acid into a community net red. How does puppy do nucleic acids?

4 thoughts on “Chengdu a puppy wears a mask as a nucleic acid into a community net red. How does puppy do nucleic acids?”

  1. Since the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic has erupted. This epidemic has a large impact and a wide range of scope. It can be described as unprecedented. From the discovery of the epidemic to controlling the epidemic, the time is relatively short, but the price paid is expensive, but the price paid is the price paid. It is also very large. Recently, the news of a puppy in Chengdu wearing a mask for nucleic acid has attracted people's attention, so many people are puzzled: how do puppies do nucleic acids? I was curious when I saw this news. If you want to know the answer, explore with the editor ~
    . Why do dogs wear masks?
    since the outbreak of the mask, it has become a necessity for everyone's must be everyone. The elderly in the 80 -year -old and the big babies in the next few months. Three meals as logical things, the owner of pets may also worry about their own dogs infected and make masks suitable for dogs. Although it looks a bit fun, it also reflects the owner's dog's dog's dog's dogs. Caring is also the grim of the current epidemic situation.
    . How do puppies do nucleic acids?
    The answer to this question cannot tell you, but the editor speculates that it should be used as a nucleic acid to test the saliva of the dog, but the saliva of the puppy is not as simple as the sampling. It depends on it. It depends on it. It depends on it. It depends on it. Do you want to cooperate with puppies? Do a good job of protection and management of your own pets.
    . How did it become an Internet celebrity?
    generally becoming a place that is different from ordinary dogs or ordinary people. People must be because of talent or outstanding beauty. The puppy must have a special place when it becomes an Internet celebrity. For example The puppy who queues into nucleic acids, the dog wearing a mask has attracted attention. In addition, the current epidemic situation is severe and attracted much attention, so this puppy has attracted the attention of the surrounding people and took out his mobile phones. Take pictures of it, and it has attracted more people's attention on the Internet. It also brought some relaxation and laughter to everyone in a serious epidemic environment.
    At the end, I also want to remind everyone that you must remember to wear a mask when you go out.

  2. I do n’t understand this specific. It should be similar to people. It is saliva. Generally, pet hospitals should be able to do it, but it is reasonable to say that puppies do not need to be a nucleic acid, but this consciousness is very good.

  3. It is the same as a nucleic acid as a nucleic acid as ordinary people. After opening his mouth, the staff will use a cotton swab to stab the puppy's throat.

  4. I don't know how the puppy does a nucleic acid detection. The specific inspection method needs to consult related pet hospitals.

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