2 thoughts on “What are the benefits of raising dogs?”

  1. 1. Dogs can be accompanied by people. In the eyes of dogs, you are all of it. Compared with the complexity of society, their love for you is simpler.
    2, the dog nature is close to others, and it is loved, which can allow you to be dependent and venting the emotion after being affected by the outside world. Loyal partner.
    3, dogs need to walk every day, which allows you to develop a good habit of exercise.
    4. Families to raise dogs for a long time, members of the family will have a low probability of suffering from respiratory diseases and allergies, especially in infants and young children.
    Extended information:
    The disadvantages of dog breeding:
    1. Pet dogs cannot ride on a car, which will cause great difficulties to the owner's travel. It is very troublesome to travel with dogs, especially when they are far away, because dogs are prohibited from taking passenger cars, trains and planes. Once the owner has a dog, in addition to having a car, he can basically bid farewell to the tour.
    2, pet dogs love hair, so it is difficult to keep the pet dog's home, and the owner needs to spend time cleaning every day. Once a pet dog is raised at home, it also indicates that the owner needs to spend time and energy every day to remove the home, because the dog will splash everywhere at home, like to roll over the trash, and the most headache. The hair, the sofa, carpet, and cotton bed spread all over hair.
    3, the dog's voice is big, and he likes to scream, causing great noise pollution.

  2. In rural dogs, dogs can play a role in watching home nursing homes. The disadvantage is that the dog may have a body smell, and it is more likely to infect parasites, such as lice, fleas, tapeworms, etc., and need to be deworming regularly. In addition, the dog will feel uncomfortable during the teeth, and there may be bite furniture.

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