1 thought on “Where can I repair the computer well in Guanxian”

  1. 1. Computer city, although it is more expensive, it will not cut corners (but not allowed). In general, the shops on the street are generally, you have to know how his reputation is. Also, how long is the time to open a store? Generally speaking, it does n’t take long after opening the store, he will not take advantage of you, the price is also popular, it ’s time to repair it, and you will not secretly change your configuration (but there are also those who are stealing chickens and dogs. There are very few such people).
    2, the general maintenance of the computer can be completed at home, such as the system reinstallation, memory, CPU, fan, etc., so it is still convenient to repair on -site repair. Send your own maintenance shop by himself. If he is a familiar maintenance personnel, he will take it directly to take away, so the on -site service is convenient for the customer himself. Basically, he can solve the problem and reliable.

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