5 thoughts on “In addition to eating dog food for three months, what kind of nutrients can I eat?”

  1. Introduction: Many people want to ask what kind of nutrients can I eat in addition to eating dog food for three months? Let's take a look at the editor.
    What kind of nutritional products should Corgi eat one or three months

    It we know that Corgi can eat ham sausage or goat milk powder, in fact It can be eaten with some soft foods, because it is not particularly poor in digestion. We know that puppies may not be tolerant of milk. At this time, you can give him some eggs, especially the protein of boiled eggs. Essence Don't give the dogs for the rest. We know that dogs cannot eat salt, and it cannot eat pork liver foods. Otherwise, there will be a smell. In fact, the nutrition of dog food is relatively comprehensive. We are also more comprehensive. We There is no need to add other nutrients for him to eat, so when Corgi, who is three months old, is a long body, we can give him dog food, plus some egg whites.
    . It is good to maintain dogs

    . In normal times, we can also give him some sweet potatoes. We know that sweet potatoes are also rich in nutrition, dogs are comparable I like to eat it. At this time, cabbage, carrot or salmon chicken breasts can be eaten for him, because chicken breasts and salmon are more expensive, because dogs can add their bodies when they eat it, because they have three months old. When food, you must remember to eat less oil and less salt. You will find that dog food is also rich in nutrition. In this way, the dogs are full of nutrition. At this time, it will grow better, because he needs more nutrition that he needs in three months. At this time, we must not take care of others, so we must If he takes care of them, he will grow healthily. In normal times, dogs only need to eat dog food. We buy dog ​​food and buy a better. The nutrition inside is relatively rich, so through some ways, the dogs can grow better and better.

  2. Sheep milk powder, sweet potatoes, salmon, chicken breasts, ham sausages, eggs, these nutrients can be eaten, which can provide dogs with energy.

  3. You can eat broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and cabbage, eggs, but do not eat some greasy foods. Pay attention to the balanced combination of nutrition.

  4. You can also eat some chicken breasts, you can also eat some nutrient porridge, or you can eat some fresh water. You can also eat some nutrients. You can also eat molar rods.

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