5 thoughts on “Boy writing dogs, what do girls call?”

  1. In ancient times, men introduced their families to often call their sons "dogs", called her daughter "little girl", and called his wife "cheap".
    often used respect when calling other people's families, calling other people's sons "Linglang", calling other daughters "Ling 嫒", and calling his wife "Xian inner help".

  2. The boy's own family generally calls "dogs", but there is nothing special about girls. Others can call Qianjin and their own home. There is a name that is relatively rare, but it has been used in ancient texts.

  3. Boys can learn full -time girls and really love. You just call it. The boy writes full -time. The girl calls love if you don't bring people. Now what is the same? By the way, it ’s a baby, you are okay, you still owe the group owner. This boy can be called a rabbit, girls can be called little baby, so the names of boys and girls are different. Girls, more cute boys in life, look a little bit of mining. Bunny girls are little babies.

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