2 thoughts on “The cat has been stunned in the middle of the night”

  1. The main reason why the skin cat has always been in the middle of the night is because to occupy their own territory, and the cat's territory consciousness appears, so there is always a behavior of always people. Use people to relieve their body discomfort for anxiety. The reason why cats are crowded 1. Cats, like other animals, also have a strong territory. The so -called cat's territory refers to a space that can ensure its food and safety, and it is also a place where it can feel safe. And cats like to sting people and things, how much they are related to this territory consciousness. 2. When there is a problem with the surface of the cat's skin, you will like to relieve your body's discomfort in a manner, so it will show a behavior that has been raging in the middle of the night. 3. When a cat stays in a place where you can feel at ease, it exudes its own smell to the surroundings, and this way of exuding odor is except for excretion, it is stinging things. When a cat uses his own smell to mark the scope of the territory, when he can smell his smell, the cat will feel at ease and comfortable. Therefore, cats will continue to pinch things, of course, they will also be crowded. 4. Cats may also be coquettish, asking for care and care from the owner. Therefore, in the process of breeding cats, the owner will see cats sometimes constantly, or go to the table, chair, corners, sofas, walls, and so on.

  2. This may be that the cat is thirsty and hungry, and it may be to go out to urinate. Otherwise, he just wants to be close to you. Basically, these are possible.

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