What are the cats suitable for novices?

It's not too expensive, with better temper, the kind of being able to be at home alone, thank you!

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  1. The text department (for a while) was original, and the party's self -weight
    is unknowingly. Our country seems to have opened a cat -raising mode. In the online video, there is a cat video in each three small animals. The cute and lovely eyes, the cute temperament of the inside out, makes many people spontaneously want to be a cat's shit officer. As a shit officer who is ready to get started, how should we choose their first kitten? These three cats are very suitable for novice shovel officers.

    variety one -beauty short
    The full name of the American short -haired tiger pattern, its shape is very beautiful, and the silver hair is like a tiger like a tiger. The lines. Although its name is very domineering, its personality is very docile. They are very courageous, not afraid of people or in touch with people. They will not lose their temper with their owners, nor will they scream at home.
    If you have to pick out a shortcomings of the short beauty, it is that its childhood is too naughty! Because it is a kind of kitten with strong curiosity, it is naturally naughty. However, please have to rest assured that with age, it will become more and more well -behaved.
    It, one of the most short -hailed cats that are most suitable for shovel officers are because Midea is relatively long in our country's breeding history, which is one of the most easy varieties of cats. And the shortness of the pet level is not too expensive, it is very suitable for friends who have just raised cats.
    variety two -British short
    The full name of British short is British short hair cat. It grows very beautiful and has a variety of colors. If you like fat kittens, you must choose British short. They are very sensible and well -behaved, and their advantages are also easy to raise. It is similar to the beauty of the United States that it is a bit naughty in an early age, and it is easy to turn into a little fat like big oranges.
    The short varieties of British, more than forty types of official certification. For example, the cats we are familiar with the British short silver gradients, the British short gold gradient and other gradient cats belong to the British short. In addition, British Short also has a variety of color pattern appearances for you to choose from.
    If you like dark colors, you can choose a blue cat; if you like light colors, you can choose the milk color or white hero; if you like mixed colors, you can choose Sanhua Ying Short ... …
    Various varieties —— Big Orange Cat
    This yellow raccoon cats are called orange cats again! The name is obvious, just by its appearance. It is a very beautiful kitten. It is our local meow. Its personality is very good. It likes to get along with people, sticky people, and have a good temper.
    The favorite thing to do is to eat. As long as the owner prepares sufficient food, there will be no place where the owner needs to worry about. But shoveling officers need to pay attention to, remember not to feed too much. Although the cat is very cute, please maintain its healthy weight. If some diseases are caused by loneliness and obesity, it will be worthless.

  2. The cats who are new in the new hands include Persian cats, puppet cats, British short cats, and Maine cats. Persian cats have strong adaptability. The puppet cats are unusually docile to their loved ones. British short cats are not easy to get sick. Benin cats can endure bad weather. They are all very good.
    1, Persian cats
    Persian cats are gorgeous, noble, gentle and elegant in personality, understanding, less movement and quietness, and strong adaptability. Novice girls can raise Persian cats even if they do not have the experience of cats.
    2, puppet cats
    The puppet cats are one of the most beautiful cats, and they are also unusually docile pet cats. They are good at flattering the owner and like to wander around the owner like a fart. For novice girls, if you want to find a pet partner, you can consider raising puppet cats.
    3, British short cats
    British short -haired cats are very easy to raise. It is not easy to get sick, friendly, and adaptable to the changing environment. Many characteristics are gathered in them, so it is also suitable for novice girls to raise. And British short cats are very gentle and have no temper.
    4, Maine Cat
    Mine cat's body is strong, can tolerate bad weather, has strong survivability. At the same time, their personality is more docile and very kind to the owner. A category.

  3. The cats suitable for novice girls include Persian cats, puppet cats, British short cats, and Maine cats. Persian cats have strong adaptability, the puppet cats are unusually docile to loved ones, British short cats are not easy to get sick, and Maine cats can tolerate bad weather. They are all very easy to raise

  4. The folded cat is pretty good. Compared with other cats, the folding ear cats have the cute ears that are pulled with double stubborn, as the name suggests "folding ear cats". The folding cat is quiet, clever and docile, and can often get along with other pets including dogs. It can also get along with children, suitable for family breeding.

  5. Cats of different ages can accept foods. If the cat at home is born, it is not long before the cat is below the milk, and the cat owner will feed some breast milk and goat milk powder milk. When it is a little bigger, you can add a little goat milk cream and kitten cat food. When the cat is three months old, the cat owner can prepare the cat's cat food as a staple food. If a cat does not like drinking water, the cat owner can prepare some canned cats as a cat's staple food. The nutrition of canned cats is relatively balanced and the water is sufficient. Domination is often caused by the following three major situations: First, the weather changes, the temperature changes suddenly, causing the cat's physical dysfunction. Calling work. The royal staple food is not hygienic in living environment. Cats love cleanly ~ The shoveling officers must remember to replace drinking water in time, clean the cats and rice bowls of cats, and provide comfort for the cat owner The clean living environment, at the same time, do a good job of deworming inside and outside the cat's body to avoid parasitic infection; the third is that it is too hard to change food or cat food for cats, which can easily cause the cat's gastrointestinal discomfort. There may be many types of tests. Once a cat loves to eat and eats well after eating, don't change it easily. The "glass stomach" of the cat owner can not stand repeatedly.

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