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  1. First, find that the cat is lost, first of all, you must find it in time. The first 3 days before the cat lost is the golden time of looking for a cat. At this time, cats are usually near home. The possibility of recover is very high.
    . Try to go up as much as possible, because each cat has the habit of running up. If it is a multi -layer elevator, try not to miss every layer. road.
    . Do not let go of the name of its name at the door of each unit. In fact, the cat also recognizes the owner, and the ears are very sensitive. If you hear it, it will usually be called.
    . The 7-10 days after the loss is still an important time to retrieve the cat. The cat's cats are very small, and they are still nearby. Find a place, the nature of the cat can easily guide it to the place where similar gatherings.
    Five or 7-10 days, don't give up. Cats may still be waiting for you. If it can't find a place to eat and drink, you may choose to go farther. Family cats usually have not been out of the door. Once they go out, they are easy to get lost, especially the current buildings and floors are similar.
    6. You can grab the cat litter used by the cat in a place where you think the cat may run. The cat will usually wait in place, and the cat's rice bowl and water basin can be placed in the cat's rice bowl and water basin. The window sill, at the door, in short, there is something with a cat.
    Seven. After the cat is lost, there are basically two different reactions. One is fear but still knows the owner. When I hear the owner's cry, it will come out. When you see someone, you must be patient at this time!
    8. Do not scare the cat too anxiously. No matter what the situation is, the cat is afraid in a strange environment. Once you see the cat, don't shout loudly, you must be as quiet as possible as possible as possible. Closer, just like usually at home, do not loosen once you catch it.
    . If you can't find it, you may be taken away. At this time, you can stick to the cat searching near the home. In a more conspicuous place, be careful not to be torn off.
    This, after many cats run out, even if there are places where cats eat nearby, they may often not eat a few days ago. One is because of fear, and the other is because they will be bullied by the cats there, especially the cats with sterilization. Essence
    The reasons for the cats to lose. It may be because I have not done sterilization. After the estrus, I go out and go out, or it may be angry, or the pressure is too great. It may be because of curiosity. In short Good screens, if you care about it inadvertently, please do not give up.

  2. 1. If the cat accidentally lost, find it immediately after discovering it. If a cat has a previous subject, you can find it according to the lost route before. And the loss time is relatively short, the cat will not go far, the possibility of recovering is very high at this time.
    2. If the cat goes out, it will know how to go out of the route. If you have a staircase, try to find the stairs one by one layer by layer, don't miss the possibility of each layer. Generally, cats with cowardly cats are easy to be afraid and frightened, and may be hidden on a certain level. The brave cat may run downstairs and move near the community.
    3. In the process of looking, if the cat hears his name, it will respond, it is called its name.
    4. If you haven't found the lost cat for several days, don't give up first, the cat may still be waiting for you. You can put the cats, rice bowls, water pots, and places where cats are used in the cats at home. The cats may wait in place.
    The method of preventing cats from being lost
    1. Provide a safe guarantee for the cat. Cats are placed in a safe room, and cats are more safe indoors than outdoors. When the cats in the room escape, they are more likely to stay closer to home and find them easier to find them.
    2. Buy the cat for the cat. If the cat is lucky to be picked up by a kind person, this collar can tell them how to contact its owner. The content of this collar includes: pet names and your phone number, ensuring that this information is correct.
    3. Wear the cat's electronic tracking equipment. These small electronic devices can be worn on the collar of the cat, and they can track your cat in real time through GPS. As long as this device is linked to the mobile phone, you can track the position of the cat at any time. If your cat is lost, this is a good way to find them.

  3. The time to find cats is divided into 3 stages
    It stages of the first stage: 3 days before the cat lost, that is, the first 72 hours can be said to be the golden time of looking for a cat. In the handle (such as in the corridor), it should be searched intensively, and the possibility of recovery is the most.
    The second stage: 7-10 days after the loss, it is still vital time to recover the cat. Cats are still nearby and will not go far. Especially there are stray cat feeding points or gathering places nearby. The nature of the cat can easily lead him to the place where he gathers, even if he has never been to.
    The "near" here, in general, it is within 400m -1km/2km for a sterilized cat. Of course, this is only a data for reference. It depends on the surrounding environment. Whether the community is closed, etc. It will also affect
    The third stage: 7 or 10 days, if the cat can not find food and drink nearby Local, you may choose to go farther, so the probability of recovering is reduced, but it is not impossible. Many examples have been lost for a month or two, so these numbers can only be used as reference
    2 The cats who live at home, because they do n’t go out, so even if they live for a long time, they may not know them once they go out. Especially the current buildings and units are similar. So if it is not a cat who has been going out frequently, there is no question whether you know the door of your house
    If you live on the first floor, you can sprinkle some of the cat sands he used (with his smell). You can sprinkle more under the window. Be careful not to let the cleaners sweep away directly.
    The rice bowl water basin can also be placed on the window sill. In short, there is his smell, such as the cushion he has peeing, or the smell he is familiar with, such as what he likes to eat, canned food
    4. After the cat is lost, there are basically two different reactions. : One is fear but still knows the host, and he hear the owner's cry. This is more lucky. The second is that I don't know who is who is, and everyone runs. This must be patient. Do not scare the cat to run further because of your urgent mood
    , no matter what the situation is, the cat is frightened in a strange environment outside. Once you see it, do not scream. Be as calm as possible, as slow as you are at home!
    The cat cage with a cat with a cage, because once you grab the cats, you will often struggle crazy, and you must not loosen at this time!
    or covered with a quilt blanket.

    5. The time for looking for cats, in addition to recommending late night people. After 10 pm. You can also rest according to your own cat. For example, I found it for 20 hours in a row and saw it twice during the meter. I ran when I saw me. Later, I thought he would eat at 5 or 6 in the morning. So I went home for an hour and took it to 5 o'clock to find it. At 5 o'clock in the morning, the outside was still quiet and the visibility was good (he was a black cat). He ran out for a day and was hungry and tired. When he usually eats. Essence As a result, not only was found, but the role of food was also played.
    By the way, many cats run out. Even if there are places where cats eat nearby, they often can't eat it in the first few days. One is to be afraid, and the other is to be bullied by the ground cats there, so this can be this point. Use.
    thought so much, hoping to help.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAfter answering the cat's running, whether to go home is related to many factors. If the cat usually does not have a good relationship with the owner, and the owner often scolds it, then the probability of the cat runs back is very small; if the cat runs away, it is placed at home by others and does not let it go out. Then the cat comes back. The probability is also very small; if the cat is just curious about the outside world, go naughty, then the probability of it is quite high.nHave you ever found thisnAsk the community all the running in the community.nIf you answer this, you still have to have enough time to have enough time. EssencenMore 2nBleak

  5. In this case, find a well -known pet shop in the local area, give money to send a circle of friends, leave your phone, use his influence, and let the people see you contact you.
    The you have to go to the place where the cat runs away, you can only see your luck.
    The cats who do n’t go home when they are young, my mother will order the fragrance, worship God, insert it in the cat bowl of cat food, once really returned, the feudal superstition, but Try not to try.
    This is an unrestrained animal. Usually, you really have to take care of it, especially when fostering, the new environment will make it very vigilant. I hope you can find it!

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