4 thoughts on “What should I do if my pet cat foster hair loss?”

  1. Cats are animals with hair. There will be some hair loss, just like human hair, it is a way of metabolism. However, if a large amount of hair loss, it is abnormal. As a pet owner, you can understand some of the reasons and solutions of pet cat hair loss.
    1, seasons and physiological hair
    This will take off the small tire hair after full moon, which is seasonal hair loss. In addition, cats are used to adapt to seasonal changes during seasonal changes, and they will also lose hair. These two situations are normal hair loss. The pet owner does not need to worry about the daily cleanup of cat hair.
    2. Nutrition cannot keep up
    The diet structure of pet cats is single, which can easily cause nutritional imbalance. If the cat's hair needs insufficient nutrition, it will cause a lot of hair loss. Pay attention to the supplies of nutrition. When feeding daily feeding, you can add some pet nutrition such as Meow Lili or Sudu Li to cat food.
    3. Improper bath
    This to take a bath too frequently, which will have a bad impact on the cat, such as a large amount of hair loss of the skin. In this regard, it is recommended to wash it 2-3 times a month. In the process of bathing, you need to use pet gels for pets, such as fun cat fragrances, and do not use people's shower gel.

  2. 1. Why does the cat lose hair? 1. Seasonal replacement: When the climate is cold and cold, the hormone in the cat's body will change, prompting the long hair to fall off, and the short hair grows. Simply put, take off the winter and put it on the summer dress. There is no way to stop the hair loss of this reason. The only thing that can be done is to take care of it. It is also a very effective way to take a bath often. 2. Nutrition: After the reasons for the weather changes, another main reason for the cat's hair loss is malnutrition. The most common is lack of sufficient protein, or it may be insufficient vitamin intake. Many families feed cats with rice. If cats do not take sufficient amounts of protein, such as meat fish, they will lose hair, and they will even be severely removed. In this case, it is recommended to increase the ratio of fish in cat food. At the same time, let cats eat yeast to help supplement insufficient vitamin intake, which is effective for preventing hair removal. 3. Health problem: Cat is a small animal that is easy to get sick. If the cat's performance is not good, the appetite is not as good as usual, and the hair loss is likely to be sick. At this time, it is best to hold it to the doctor to check it, and the doctor will provide professional opinions.

  3. The cat belongs to seasonal hair loss. You do n’t work hard to comb the cat. The cat has a floating hair within a long time. If you work hard, you can not lose hair for a week.
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  4. Teach you a few tricks to prevent cats from getting rid of hair
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