Is it good to raise pet cats on Nokia mobile phones?

In the past, a friend had a pet cat on a Samsung mobile phone,
This is Nokia 6020. Does anyone know if you can get it? Intersection Intersection

1 thought on “Is it good to raise pet cats on Nokia mobile phones?”

  1. 6101 is very easy to use, that is, the memory is too small, which is also a common problem of Nokia.
    but I still like Nokia's machine
    1800 circle
    40 chord ringtone, supports MIDI and MP3 format music, built -in FM radio function.
    The built-in 300,000 pixel camera
    It support SMS, MMS, and E-Mail functions, can store 1000 sets of address book, preset 3.5MB memory in the fuselage, support MIDP 2.0 Java expansion, built-in infrared interface interface With USB interfaces, there are also small tools such as alarm clocks, calendars, calculators, stopwatches, and timers. At the same time, three Java games and QQ software are built -in. The official call time for Nokia 6101 is 2-4 hours, the standby time is about 150-350 hours, the body size is 85mm × 45mm × 24mm, and the weight is 97 grams.

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