4 thoughts on “Cats have a nest of kittens, will it be sad if you die or take one away?”

  1. Will do. If the cat is born, dies or takes one, it will keep crying and bleak very desolate. This is a sad manifestation.

  2. Text/teasing cat
    has a fan who privately believes in me, saying that his big cat has a nest of kittens, but he can't raise so much. He wants to give away the kitten, but he is afraid of the big cat. In fact, I think this problem is still very easy to solve. After the breastfeeding period of the female cat passes, it is enough to find a good family to give a good person to the kitten. Generally speaking, cats are not maternal animals, and they are not particularly protected by cubs.

    This is because the cat family is living alone, and the connection relationship between parent -child is not particularly strong. Female in the cat family usually brings the cubs and teach them the ability to survive, and it has a relationship with the cubs. Cats are actually like this! The female cat who has just given birth to a kitten will breastfeed for any kitten (including not being born). But almost a month later, the kitten can basically move by itself, and the female cat will gradually alienate the kitten
    , if you can't support so much kitten, then when the kitten is two or three months old, start to start when you start, start starting to start. Find it for a suitable person to adopt, and the female cat does not show excessive behavior.
    It, if a nest of cats died, the female cat would not care. Even some female cats will deliberately lose their weakness and illness, and they are obviously unable to raise kittens. This is the instinct of the female cat, not cruelty. Female cats also have to survive the fittest and give a few resources (milk) to a stronger cub.
    The cats had a nest of cats before, and unfortunately, a particularly weak kitten was discarded by it. This cat is still my parents holding a baby bottle and feeds a little bit. If you don't think of interference, this cat will definitely not survive. This weak and sick kitten has been left by us and has been raised until now.
    Therefore, the female cat has a nest of a kitten and died or took away. Cats are really not a special creature that protects calves. This is the instinct engraved in genes.

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