Which of dogs and cats are more hygienic?

I would like to ask you all the people, do you think more bacteria on your cat or have more dogs? Which is healthier and not harmful to people?
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5 thoughts on “Which of dogs and cats are more hygienic?”

  1. 1. Cats are relatively clean. Dogs, you have to take a bath often
    2. The cat's fur feels soft and comfortable
    3. As the saying goes, sexy little wild cats, no one talks about the sexy poblogs
    4. The cat’s food is small, you are not at home during the day, you can’t be hungry

  2. Chihuahua is very clean. Cats can also be more harmful to people on the one hand. Cats are independent and I can do my best. They can often not go home outside the outside. This will have a lot of opportunities to contact stray cats and infect many diseases, especially arch -shaped worms, especially toxoplasma worms. , And the cat's intestine can be parasitic (the dog's intestines will not be). The worm can be polluted by the feces, and the cat can go there at home. It is easy to be infected with others. Gow -shaped worms know that it is a terrible ball disease. If there are pregnant women and children at home, they will cause serious consequences.

  3. The cat's feces are very large, and the cat's hair is flying around and must be sorted out regularly. But it loves cleanliness, and a white cat I raised goes to the toilet by myself. From the end of the chaos. It can always be kept white on the body, but the Shi Shi that is raised is not good. Cats and dogs are common in people and animals. The common diseases are parasitic diseases, fungal infections and rabies, cats caught disease. There are more bacteria on cats or so many dogs? This problem depends on how the owner thinks of the breeding environment and care for pets. If the home is clean, your pet will not be dirty there. If you take your pets regularly for physical examination and processing, your pet is healthy, and you will be healthy. If you are only willing to raise more energy and time, it is recommended not to raise it. Whose bacteria on cats and dogs are a little more bacteria, which cannot be generalized.

  4. There are bacteria on what animals are parasitic that dogs are cleaner than cats better than cats, but both hair should take a regular bath for them.

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