1 thought on “How to deal with fleas on the cat and go to pet hospital in time”

  1. 1. When the cat is found to have fleas on the cat, first isolate the cat alone in a small cage, try not to let it move freely at home to avoid flea eggs pollute the family environment.

    . Then it is recommended to take cats to pet hospital for deworming in time. Under the advice and guidance of the doctor, you can use the corresponding and remove the external use of the flea. If a cat is a kitten, the weight does not exceed one kilogram, and the age of age does not exceed one month. Usually, some pets are used for those who are specifically targeted at kittens to drive flea medicine. If it is a cat with a weight of more than one kilogram and an adult from more than one month old to an adult, generally choose the appropriate in vitro -driving flea medicine according to weight.

    . In addition, the polluting family environment also needs to use some spray. Spray the areas that cats once moved to kill the fleas and flea eggs in the environment. Usually, in order to purify the fleas and flea eggs on cats, it is necessary to repel three to four consecutive times on time and monthly on time according to the manufacturer's deworming suggestions. Essence

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