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  1. Cats can eat corn, but not to eat more. The first is that corn belongs to the indigestible food. If you eat too much, it will cause discomfort. The second is because corn does not actually have much nutritional value for cats. Therefore, it is possible to let cats try corn appropriately, but corn cannot be a cat's staple food.
    Iladinies, dog food, cat food, snacks, etc. that are consumed by home for a long time are processed foods, the intake of various food additives will continue to destroy the balance of pet gastrointestinal flora, which will easily cause constipation, dilute, indigestion, gastrointestinal gastrointestinal Inflammation such as gastrointestinal diseases, so it is necessary to supplement pet probiotics to maintain the health of the gastrointestinal.
    Extension information: Life habits:

    This is agile and good jump. Eat fish, rat, rabbit, etc. The reason why cats like to eat fish and mice are because cats are night -walking animals. In order to see things at night, a lot of taurine is required, and the body of mice and fish contains taurine, so cats are not just because they like Eating fish and mice is also because of your own needs. Cats, as a natural enemy of rats, can effectively reduce the damage to crops such as green seedlings.
    The cats can take a walk on the high wall without any things and jump lightly, and can't help but be convinced of its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the outstanding reaction nerves and balance of cats. It only needs to change the position and height of the tail slightly to obtain the body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of the rear foot to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the high altitude Land.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cat

  2. You can eat it, but try not to feed corn, because corn is difficult to digest for cats, and occasionally it can be fed.
    The knowledge of cat raising
    1 comfortable cat nest
    1. Most cats like top house -shaped nests and unobstructed pot -shaped nests when sleeping.
    2. The cat's nest should be placed in a dry, secluded, and not introduced place, and it is illuminated by the sun.
    2 Cat tableware
    Cat tableware includes pots and water basins. The material should be solid, the bottom of the basin should be heavy, and the edges must be thick. It is best to choose tableware that can make cats with a lifetime. Because some cats have no appetite after changing the basin.
    3 Cat toilet
    Cat toilet is also called cat sand pot, which is a pot for cats. It is best to use a cat sand pot made of plastic and enamel vessels, so that it is convenient to clean up and it is not easy to rust and damage.
    4 cat toys
    Cats like toys very much, especially round things such as rubber balls, paper balls, ball balls, or balloons. You can also hang some floating ribbons, paper strips and cloth strips.
    If attention
    This skin and human skin are different, so special pet bath liquid should be prepared. Cats have to grind their nails every day, and they must prepare its dedicated cat grip to reduce the chance of catching the sofa. When the kitten is three or four months old, you can also cut your nails with nails, but after you are old, you must buy a pet special nail cut. The long -haired cat must be prepared for a comb. The combing of human beings cannot dredge the bottom hair of the cat. Preparing a air box, it is more convenient to bring it to the hospital or move.

  3. Cats can eat corn.
    The corn cats can be eaten, but they can only eat a small amount. Because cats are pure meat animals, the stomach cannot digest and absorb starchy foods. Cats eat a small amount of one or two, but if you eat too much, it will increase the cat's gastrointestinal burden and cause gastroenteritis. When cats eat a lot of corn kernels by mistake, the breeder can feed the cat's probiotics to promote gastrointestinal digestion and help cats digestion of corn kernels.
    The corn contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which can promote the cat's gastrointestinal motility and help to defecate. The vitamin content in corn is very high, but cats are more accustomed to digestion and absorption of nutrients in meat. There are not many nutrients that allow cats to digest and absorb cats in corn.
    It, the main component of corn kernels is starch. Cats have too much starch, but gastrointestinal discomfort will occur. Main source. If the cat is fed for corn for a long time, it is likely to cause cats to cause gastrointestinal damage and malnutrition.

  4. Well, yes, it is really difficult to digest. If people eat, they sometimes have a grain, not to mention cats. - And there is a layer of film on the corn, sometimes it may be stained in the mouth.

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