4 thoughts on “Many cat hair on the clothes. How to deal with”

  1. Hello! To remove the cat hair on the clothes, it is recommended to choose a professional hair removal device for removing.
    The following is a daily cleaning method for washing clothing. If you need it in the future, please refer to washing:

    1. If there is no stubborn stain on the clothing, you can accommodate the appropriate amount of laundry liquid according to the product backbone. In the water, soak the clothes for 15 minutes, and then wash it normally.

    ※ Warm reminder: Do not soak it if it is easy to fade, easy to shrink water, and do not twist the clothes vigorously.

    2. If there is local stains on the clothing, you can use the "dry clothes pre -coating method": When the clothes are dry, apply the special laundry fluid to the stain, and gently rub the stains after 5 minutes. Then clean the clothes.

    ※ Warm reminder: If the clothes fade, it is recommended to try on the hidden place of the clothes, and then use this method before using the colorless difference.

  2. Meow's hair is always easy to stick to clothes, which is related to the material of the clothes. Some sweaters, wool or black clothes will be particularly obvious. Treatment of cat hair can be used:
    You can buy it in many supermarkets. The clothes are paved and then rolled and pasted with white hair.
    2. You can also use broadband sticky glue, transparent glue paper and other white hairs, simple and practical.
    3. After removing white hair, if necessary, you can clean your clothes. The clothes can be washed with full -effect laundry solution. , Smooth health, more comfortable and skin -friendly.
    Is my answer can help you.

  3. Cat hair treatment method on the clothes:

    1. Use transparent tape to remove

    to prepare a relatively wide transparent tape, remove a tape for use, tear it off, let go The tape can be entangled on the hand. Be careful to make the sticky side on the outside. Take out the clothes and prepare to clean the cat hair on the clothes. Use the hand with sticky tape to gradually stick to the side of the clothes.

    2. Use replaceable breakpoint tear -torn hair

    The benefits of this sticky hair is that it can be used at one time, breakpoint, which is very convenient. When you use it, you first tear off the surface of the surface, and you will expose the adhesive noodles of the tape, and you can roll back and forth directly on the surface of the clothes until the above things are basically glued; Essence The drum -shaped is also very convenient to clean. It is enough to use a piece of clothes. In three or five minutes, it can make the clothes sticking to the hair refresh.

    In the cat hair, if necessary, you can clean the clothes. The clothes can be washed with full -effect laundry solution. Clean, sterilize and healthy, effectively prevent bacteria from cat hair.

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