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  1. For cats, it is impossible to meet their nutritional needs every day to rely on cat food. At this time, the shoveling officers need to add extra meals to the cat owners, but for some novice shovel officers, If you do n’t understand how to give the cats for cat rice, and if you do n’t pay attention, you have a bad body for the masters? So today, I will talk about some foods that are helpful to the growth of cats.

    1. Chicken breasts

    The people who focus on fitness will choose to eat chicken breasts. Chicken breasts are high -protein and low -fat foods, and there are rich vitamins. After the meat is boiled, it can be chopped and then feeds the cat to eat. After all, cats are meat animals. For meat, they still can't resist the temptation, so don't worry about it.

    2. Beef

    is rich in protein trace element meseoscope in beef. For cat growth, these nutrients can play a great benefit, especially especially Male cats can also play the role of cheeks, and beef is rich in taurine. This nutrition can enhance the cat's night vision ability, but when feeding, it must be feed reasonably.

    3. Rough grain

    has rich dietary fiber in coarse grains. For cats, these things are undoubtedly the best digestible products. Not very good, if you eat some coarse grains for cats, this can help cats improve the digestive system and let cats eat!

    4. Salmon

    It is still the freshest and delicious for cats, but the price of salmon is relatively high. Cat slaves can choose the corners of the salmon for cats. The price is cheap, and there is no difference from salmon. Salmon can reduce the cat's cholesterol. Enhanced cats' immunity, while moisturizing and repairing joints.

    5. Carrots

    Cats can also eat carrots, but they can only eat occasionally and not often eat them. Carrots contain carotene and vitamin A, which can supplement the cat to supplement this Two nutrition, if they are eaten frequently, will cause certain damage to cats.

    6. broccoli

    This boiled broccoli, and then mixed with chicken breasts. It can play a great role in the growth of cats.

  2. Cat foods that can be disconnected slightly, cat food contains the daily nutrition and trace elements required by cats

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