Are there any post boxes in Beijing now? Yes!

Two days ago, the Courier brother came to my home to get the mail. I casually asked the tiny brother.

"Are there any post boxes in the street now?"

"Ah? I don't understand, I haven't seen it." The delivery guy looks at me like I'm an alien.

The wife also chimed in: "Yes, now express so convenient, is there a post box?"

Yes, it is convenient and efficient to call a courier to your door. Who still sends things to the post office? However, that had a great time, not far away on the road to a green stamp, truly only became a memory? So, I went from Baidu map to find the nearest post office, to find out.

Walking north from Beiyuan Road, through the streets, all the way to observe, I really did not see a post box. According to the navigation route that came to the Wanke Star Garden post office, on the right side of the gate, I am looking for the postal letter box standing there. The color is still familiar with the postal green, the appearance is still the same in those years, the two Posting ports respectively note "city" outside ", below write two opening times. Except for the QR code is current, everything else is the same as the memory. There's a corrugated mailing box here.

Xiao Yang, a worker at the post office, told me that social demand has decreased, and in recent years the postal letter boxes have been set up less than in the past. Although most of the time the post box is empty, the postman always opens the box and picks up the mail on time, no matter how numerous letters there are. In order to confirm, I went to Xicheng District, Haidian District in several areas, as before.

"Even for three months, a letter home is worth ten thousand gold." ​is the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's "Spring Look" poem, which shows how precious the letter was at that time. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, hand-written plain letters are no longer the only means of communication. Post boxes will also be replaced with numerous things, like "telegraph", "telephone box", "pager" and so on, which gradually disappear in people's lives. But these things have also witnessed the development of The Times and left numerous memories for generations.

The first letter I ever wrote, or somewhat a manuscript, was sent through the mailbox. When I was in the second year of high school, Wang Jixiu, a girl who did excellent deeds, sacrificed herself to protect public property and was awarded the title of "Outstanding Young Pioneers" by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. I spoke on behalf of the youthful students at the conferment, and the speech was broadcast by the county radio station. In my youth, I sent it to a newspaper. Put an eight-cent stamp on it, drop it into a box at the commune post office, and watch the postman pick it up. It was a manuscript. It was my dream. From then on, I hoped every day that the paper would send me a reply, but the paper never came to light.

The first love letter was also sent through the mailbox. Just joined the army for a few months extremely homesick. The best way to express the feeling of homesickness is to write letters. I picked up the pen for relatives, friends, classmates wrote a letter after a letter, the joy of joining the army, the warmth of the army, the friendship of comrades, the tough training, the deep feeling of homesickness, are the content of the letter. Of course, I also miss her dream, so I wrote the first love letter in my life, quietly put the letter in the mailbox, soon, waiting for a reply. She and I wrote back and forth for almost seven years, and she finally became my wife.

As a messenger, I dropped most of the letters from my comrades into the mailbox by hand. At that time, I not only helped fellow soldiers mail letters, occasionally also helped fellow soldiers write letters, and even helped one of them write a love letter. I think the confession is so childish now. The girl who read the letter must laugh at the writer. Oh, we were so little!

Decades passed. I can't remember how long I haven't written. I miss those days when there were letters, in a quiet time, sincere and easy to talk. Homesick sent a piece of homesickness, think she sent some thoughts, have the achievement to share with relatives, have difficulties through the letter. After work, late at night, spread out white letterhead, will open your heart, let thoughts fly, put all the emotions of joy and sorrow, bitter and sweet life into the pen, the greetings, blessings, encouragement, care, written a letter, and then his or her name neatly written on the envelope, solemnly into the green post box.

The green post box no longer looks like what it used to be. It may no longer hold the most urgent need for communication, but it still carries lovely emotions that will remain in the memory of this generation.

Tomorrow when you go out, maybe you will look for a green post box on the street. Maybe it will remind you of a great memory.

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