5 thoughts on “Which of the most adorable cats have you ever seen?”

  1. Cats are petite and cute, fluffy and soft body. Touch it, holding it up is a kind of enjoyment. Cats also like this kind of interaction very much, coquettish and cute. Although the cat is petite and cute, when walking and sitting, the various actions are simply a reduced version of the beast. I have to say that it is the cat's unique charm. Especially leopard cats, cricket cats, are even better. (However, these two categories still try not to raise it. After all, if there is no trading, there is no harm. Look at the picture, just be full of eyes)

  2. The cat's personality is high -cold and elegant, the cat steps lightly, and can be alone. When the owner goes out, he will not scream the neighbors who screamed. Usually not too sticky. The dog is too enthusiastic and must be together in minutes. I think the most important thing is that cats do not need to walk, suitable for fast -paced, young people, housemen. Eat less, although most of them. Not disturbing the people. Although it is sometimes a little damaged, it is much better than the dog demolished dog. Also, enthusiasm will not be as much as dogs. Not as heavy as a dog. Pet cats with good personality can be kneaded. The cats who trim nails regularly are very low to people and furniture.

  3. Every time I watch my friend's cat's cold diamond quilt sleeping with the owner, I don't want to make me cute! However, a few of my family have such super cute skills. When I put it in the quilt, I feel like it hurts it!

  4. I do n’t know if I do n’t raise it, I discovered it after raising it. It turns out that cats are really suitable for office workers like me. They usually prefer to dress up and lick their hair than to demolish home! Intersection Intersection There is not much demand for activity space, as is the amount of exercise! Just give them a line to make them play for a day! The most important thing is really cute!

  5. The queen is generally proud of their pets, but they are very different from dogs! They do n’t have to demolish their homes. Cats ’high -cold character also makes them a pet that does n’t need to spend too much time to accompany them. In their eyes, you are the genuine shit officer, and they are the master! As for such a queen, as long as you don't be hungry, you can do it, um ... well, raise it!

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