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  1. Black cats in Egypt are the gods who are in charge of death and can drive away the evil spirits; in the UK, as long as there are black cats willing to stop and let you touch your head, you can bring good luck, but the tail is vice.
    black cats are evil. Black cats generally actively suppress the unclean stuff, so there are always black cats that appear in places with heavy evil spirits, because such people will mistakenly think that encountering black cats is a big fierce. In fact, only black cats at home can play a great role in wicked evil.
    "Xuan Cat, Evil Evil. It is easy to place in the south. Children and grandchildren are suitable." 'Xuan Cat' is a black cat, which is used by evil spirits. Later generations probably only from the surface phenomenon. Some doom occurs, and the blue and red soap will push all the crimes on the head of the black cat. 'Easy to place south' means that it is best to raise the door at the door. ‘All descendants’ are probably that they will always use it to protect the owner and even descendants of the house. Or that is, the descendants of this black cat can also be.
    Black cats are legendary evil cats. It comes from the Legend of Pokino in ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, the role of resentment was to worship and support people with resentment. The more malicious the content, the easier it is to achieve, but at the same time, the cat is a very mysterious creature. Every time you answer a wish, you will receive a certain return. As for the content of the remuneration, it is unknown. , Especially on the 13th and Friday, it is unlucky in the worship of the 13th on the 13th. Avatar, free 1 to 1 consultation.

  2. 1. Black cats in traditional Chinese culture In Chinese traditional culture, black cats mean auspicious.
    2. In ancient times, people believed that black cats could dispel evil spirits, so that the monsters and monsters did not dare to approach, and they could also bring auspiciousness to the host. Therefore, in ancient times, wealthy people had the habit of raising black cats or placing black cat jewelry.
    3, in the Middle Ages, many people think that black cats are pets of witch, the incarnation of witch, or messenger of Satan/Fear. Everything comes from its mystery, and Christianity in the Middle Ages uses this point to push all problems to cats, discredit its image, and describes it into the above form. As a result, people feel that it is ominous.
    4, black cats belong to cats, and they refer to black cats with black body. The ancient book records that black cats are town houses, evil spirits, and wealth. Black cats are very similar to Mumbai cats, and their bodies are also dark.

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