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  1. Grasp the cat's essential or skills at home
    This holding its belly with one hand close to the front leg, and the other hands are placed under the hind legs of the cat.
    The correct method of holding the cat must hold the cat's body at any time; if the method of grabbing the cat is incorrect, hold the cat's forelimbly with your hand, and the rest of the cat's body is hung upside down in the air. Cats with patience will shake their tails, expressing displeased, but not tamed cats. In order to escape, they may struggle or even bite people.
    The posture is especially important when grabbing the kitten. Because the kitten's chest is very fragile, it is very easy to be injured. Holding the sick cat also needs to pay special attention. If the cat is in a pain or irritability, apply one hand to hold the back of the neck, hold the hips and hind legs with the other hands, wrap the cat in the blanket, put it in the basket, and wait for the veterinarian treatment.
    The number of cats will be determined by your habits of the cats, and how you want cats to get used to it. If you plan to let your pets participate in the cat exhibition, you should make it accustomed to straightening your limbs and being raised high, just like this action is usually used when the referee on the cat exhibition. When the guest comes, it is also a good idea to ask the guests to catch the cat; because it will help cats gradually get used to being caught by strangers.
    Is when grabbing it into a cat, hold the belly with one hand clinging to the front leg, and the other hands are placed under the hind legs of the cat. Once the cat is caught, it is likely that you like to sit in your arm. The front leg is placed in your shoulder, or placed in your other hand. Your arm should bear most of the cat's weight, and the cat should be straight.
    sma do not grab the kitten's neck like a female cat to lift it up, but should hold the kitten's belly with both hands, and put the other hands under the hind legs. The kitten is small and should be able to sit on your palm, but you have to hold his neck with another helper and hold on the kitten's head. The kitten will stay comfortably in your arms.

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