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  1. Cats are divided into many types of rats. The tail is long and short, the eyes are like gold and silver, and the upper palate is the best. The body is small, and it looks love. very curious. The following is the correct breeding method of cats I organized for you. Let's take a look.
    The correct method of cats 1. If it is a newborn kitten, be sure to breastfeed. The kitten cannot only drink pure milk, because the cat lacks enzymes that digest, and lactose intolerance cannot digest milk. Drinking milk will be thin and indigestion, which is fatal for the kitten. It is best to choose cat milk powder for cats.
    . It is best to help the kitten to urinate. After each cat is drinking, it is necessary to help the kitten excrete every 2 hours. If you are a newly born cat, you need to hand -stimulate cats to urinate.
    3. The cat's nest prepared for the kitten should be dry, ventilated, warm, hidden, and darker. You can put the carton or rattan basket in a hidden place, spread a soft cotton pad, and the cotton pads can be covered with small urine pads. Cat's body temperature, prevent kittens from cold.
    4. Slightly larger cats, you can feed them to eat cat food and supplemented with cat milk.
    5. Most kittens are sleeping. In addition to feeding, the owner should not easily disturb them. Cats in this period are timid.
    6. The physical resistance of the kitten's body is very poor. We must comprehensively pay attention to the nest of the kitten.
    7. The milk cat with a full moon can be excreted independently. In addition, many cats will eat cat litter when they first enter the cat sand pot. Parents must stop and pull out the cat litter in the cat's mouth in time.
    The method of breeding kittens 1. Walk around at home. You have to be very careful when you walk at home. You must pay attention to opening the door, refrigerator, and drawers. You can avoid stepping on it or clipping it, because the kitten likes to hide in the corner, drawer, or some seams. May wish to hang a bell for it, so, as long as you call, you know where it is at any time.
    2. Leave the kitten alone at home. If it is still small, no one at home during the day, try to let it stay in the cage, or surround the corner of the house. occur.
    3. In order to save money, it is not allowed to vaccine. For the health of cats and far from the invasion of the disease, it is necessary to injected vaccines for cats on a regular basis, such as triple vaccine, which is one of the conditions for ensuring the healthy growth of cats.

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