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  1. In the early 1980s, reform and opening up went deep into the countryside, and the implementation of the responsibility system for the contracting of family coalition production caused the rural areas to have many surplus labor, and promoted the emergence of township enterprises. In the early stage of the low -cost equipment of the crystal glass industry, the simple production process and method, it was very suitable for the open villages that were open at the time. It was the economic background and necessary conditions of the rise of the Pujiang Crystal Industry. However, the rise and growth of Pujiang Crystal is not enough to have these factors. As Master Shen Shen, who came to Pujiang in the past, said: After we left Yuzhai, we also had similar factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In the rise, Pujiang greatly surpassed the original intention of we wanted to cover a township of Yuzhai at that time, and developed into a pillar industry in a county. Crystal rooting Pujiang has certain accidents, but it is also closely related to its unique humanistic atmosphere. We can divide the entire process into three major blocks, namely the raw material supply market, processing enterprise group, and sales market. Between the three is a symbiotic coupling relationship. The strong demand for professional production factors in the crystal small and medium -sized enterprise group has spawned the market for professional production factors, while the special products produced by SME groups have spawned the professional product market.
    The development of Pujiang Crystal is the same as many other block economies in Zhejiang, with zero resource phenomena. There are no raw material supply resources in Pujiang County and its surrounding areas. At present, the highest quality raw materials are imported from the Czech or Austrian import. The low -grade glass rough is also purchased from Hebei, Tianjin and other places from a thousand miles away. Due to the large demand for raw materials for crystal enterprises, crystal raw materials have continued to flow to Pujiang. With the increase of production and processing companies, the formation of the professional market for raw materials. The development of small enterprise clusters provides inherent motivation for the formation and development of the regional professional market, so that the regional professional market forms a scale. During the formation of the crystal block economy of Pujiang, the development of the crystal small and medium -sized enterprise group and the professional market of the raw material is a relationship of promoting and coordinated development. It can be said that the largest crystal raw material market in the country in the Pujiang crystal industry is the inherent inevitable result of the development of the Pujiang crystal industry, and its generation directly affects the position of Pujiang Crystal Industry in the country and the world. Nowadays, Pujiang has developed into the country's largest crystal processing center in 20 years, and it is also the largest gathering place in the country in the country, and has occupied 60%of the national crystal glass sales. The development of the entire industry reflects the scale economy, occupying the market at low cost and large -scale. To maintain a loose development environment, we must not only give support and help in terms of taxation and finance, but also create a suitable development space. From the current point of view, the construction of the industrial park in Pujiang is a important measure to promote the development of the crystal industry. The government's construction of industrial parks can concentrate the scattered enterprises, which can produce agglomeration effects, which is more conducive to professional division of labor and collaboration between enterprises. It provides good conditions for environmental pollution. At the same time, the construction of the industrial park has also improved the investment environment of the enterprise, which is conducive to attracting investment.
    In the establishment of smooth information exchange channels, improve the means of information exchange, and strengthen the exchange of information in the development. Informatization construction is the best way to expand the crystal sales market. For example, the China Crystal Glass Expo was held, and the establishment of crystal glass products on the interconnected network was held to push the sales of crystal to the world and the world. The various formal and informal communication activities created by the government consciously allows entrepreneurs to master the supply and demand information of domestic and international markets in a timely manner. Optimize corporate management. Most of the Pujiang Crystal Enterprises implement family management, which must determine its own development limitations and the disadvantages of the management system. Enterprises should start with the reform of the management system, actively explore scientific internal systems and management models, and learn other successful economic management models in the province.
    Enterprises should pay attention to innovation of institutional and concepts. At present, the products of various crystal glass production enterprises in Pujiang and even the entire crystal glass market are basically the same. Most of them operate the milling and crafts. The larger ones are crystal lighting. The market of crystal is far more than that, such as pioneering large crystal sculptures, crystal decoration materials, etc. have good market prospects. The development of crystal must be based on the spirit of innovation, produce novel and unique crystal products, and strives to expand the crystal market.
    The importance of talent introduction. To make Pujiang's crystal industry a leap -up development, the introduction of high -tech talents is the key. Although Pujiang has established cooperative relationships with colleges and universities such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Glass Research Institute and other universities, real professionals are still scarce. The development path of industry -university -research will play a positive role in improving the level of the crystal industry, improving the quality of production and innovation capabilities.
    It strengthen the construction of leading enterprises. Establish more typical companies in leading, so that leading companies can use their own brands, markets, technology, funds, talents, and management to establish or have a close or loose division of labor collaboration relationship, making small enterprises a leading enterprise’s leading enterprise’s leading enterprise Supporting factories and foreign association factories are the community of interests with leading enterprises.
    In technical design, we must continue to maintain cultural advantages. The product design must still be based on the traditional culture of Pujiang, combined with the inherent art and cultural characteristics of the crystal industry, to form a professional, open, and artistic culture of crystal glass. Occupy the market with its unique cultural advantages and start cultural brands. Improve an intermediary agency centered on industry associations, to become the information window and technology window of the enterprise, and to become a bridge to communicate with the international market. Provide a platform for talent, marketing, and technology to communicate and obtain information to enhance the technical level and art level of the crystal industry. Strengthen the standardized management of professional markets and improve the level of professional markets. At present, the development of Pujiang's crystal industry has formed two professional markets of raw materials and product sales. The standardized management of the market, stopped disorderly competition, competition for prices, enhanced the awareness of fair competition in business owners, and a good reputation, and ultimately promoted the overall quality and competitiveness of enterprises. The industry association must have long -term goals, thoroughly planning, focusing on infrastructure construction, and improvement of management systems when managing professional markets. It is also necessary to pay attention to the level of professional market construction. We must use a fair and development vision to treat merchant companies in each market. As much as possible to make the crystal industry more aggregate, develop further standards, and further play their advantages.

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