Where is Qingpu more easy to open a fashion women's clothing store? Essence Essence

I want to open a shop selling women's clothing in Qingpu, but I don't know where to open? I heard that the competition in Dongfang Commercial Building is too powerful and I can't make any money. Don't be too high to seek the price of the shop. Those who go shopping prefer to be fashionable. Essence

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  1. Judging from the time in Qingpu, I don't think there are many lively places in Qingpu. In the past, there were many brands selling clothes to the south. Essence It has changed a lot since the Dongfang Commercial Building. But there are still many people who go there. Second, the competition on the station road is relatively small. All the most popular parts of Qingpu are the most popular parts of Qingpu, which is the most popular part of Qingpu. You have to find a store that suits you by yourself. Good quality quality, 1 pass, 10 10 passes, you know that pulling stores are not too important to pull the store

  2. Opening a clothing store, the first is to locate, and select the site after the position is ready. This is the most important, and it is also the key to entering the good goods. Nowadays, e -commerce is relatively developed, and many clothing manufacturers in the country have opened websites online. Recommend your good product A, you can see the Korean SZ women's clothing, you can buy online. , The hardship of the car -free horse, the middle and high -end clothes can win a stable source of customers! . You search for SZ clothing Guangzhou Gaya on Baidu, you can directly reach the manufacturer website, the quality of the brand, comprehensive pre -sales guidance, high -quality after -sales service, you can provide on -site viewing. The comprehensive guidance of physical stores, I hope to help you!

  3. Uh, I think, as long as things are good, it does not matter
    . My recommendation is Pushuang Road, there are quite a lot of people, and there are not many amounts to buy clothes in that area.

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