1 thought on “Briefly describe the type and characteristics of the retail business group”

  1. Specifically include the following nine types: department stores, supermarkets, large -scale comprehensive supermarkets, convenience stores, professional stores, specialty stores, shopping centers, warehousing stores, home furnishing centers. In addition, it is in line with my country's national conditions, with Chinese characteristics, and existing and existing and playing an important role in the operation of grocery stores, farmers' markets, small commodity markets, and clothing markets, which are also an important part of the diversified structure.

    The characteristic:
    1. Basically the development of market behavior
    2, early start, slow growth, small scale
    3, traditional state -owned business, private enterprises and foreign -funded enterprises three Dingsin San Ding Division
    4, focusing on short -term returns, technical composition is not high
    5, industry associations play a positive role in promoting the development of modern commercial retail industry

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