1 thought on “Is it legal to use WeChat group lectures to send red envelopes on the Internet?”

  1. Selling things on WeChat is not illegal. However, if the sales behavior or commodity involves violations of the law, it needs legal responsibility. (1) Why does WeChat sell things legal: 1. Whether the things sold on WeChat exist, and the quality is qualified, which belongs to the law that is allowed to enter the market and can be sold on WeChat. 2. Seller sales products must conform to the quality of product quality of the People's Republic of China. Article 35 of the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that sellers shall not sell products and products that are eliminated and suspended by the country that are eliminated and suspended.
    It 39th stipulates that sellers to sell products shall not mix or adulterate, and shall not be charged with falsely, shall be charged, and shall not impersonate qualified products with unqualified products.
    (2) WeChat: English name We Business WeChat is based on the mobile Internet. With the help of social software as a tool, people -centered and socialized new business. (3) The concept of WeChat: Weishang let everyone misunderstand the social marketing information shopping guide method. Based on the quality of formal products with quality, Weishang builds regular and limited channels, while the more MLM channel level is as good as possible. The level of the pyramid channel itself is profitable, which has nothing to do with the product. Weishang will be a new commercial civilization, a group consumption that is about to become a trend. I call on the industry to take care of healthy growth.
    (4) WeChat types: WeChat has a variety of categories, mainly based on business methods and products. Generally, WeChat merchants are mainly divided into the following ways: 1. WeChat Mall: Mainly uses WeChat public accounts, WeChat friends circle and Weibo to push WeChat and WeChat products. The transactions are carried out through micro -shops and micro -malls. It belongs to a more secure model.
    2, micro -distribution: This is mainly a more pure single product or simple and practical product. It has independent brands and has the attributes of fast consumption. This type of micro -business is mainly to achieve hierarchical paving with the recruitment agent. Most of the products are used in beauty care products. 3. Micro chain: This belongs to the O2O model, combined online and offline, and participates in micro -marketing in the form of physical stores. 4. Micro purchasing: This is roughly consistent with e -commerce purchasing agents.

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