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  1. Copywriting is a position that is engaged in text work in the company or enterprise, which is to express the creative strategy that has been formulated by text. Copywriting is different from the designer's expression techniques with pictures or other means. It is a process of successive performance, development, and deepening process with advertising creativity. Most of them are stored in advertising companies, corporate propaganda, news planning, etc.
    The main work
    The writing newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, posters; writing corporate samples, brand samples, and product directory; writing daily publicity sheet pages, various promotional booklets; Mail text; writing TV advertising script, including lens, narration, subtitles; writing a TV special script; writing a filming list for TV advertising; writing broadcast advertisements; Chinese version of advertising copywriting (translation); writing advertising lyrics, or sinicization ( Translation) Foreign Lyrics; Write various forms of online advertisements; naming the website column; writing internal copywriting of the website; writing mobile phone text messages; creative explanations to write various advertising works; writing advertising slogans; writing product packaging copywriting, including brand names , Use instructions, product composition, etc.; Name the product or brand, and make a creative explanation; name the roadshow or event, and make a creative explanation; write the text on the promotional materials on the event on the event; Creative explanation; naming specialty stores and creative explanations; writing shops or POP material documents in the store; writing soft text (news, storytelling, comment); writing planning books, or assisting planners optimized and moisturizing schemes; Assist the editor of customers in the enterprise, provide the theme direction, and review the text. Different environments have different refinement and requirements for copywriters.

  2. Advertising companies generally write graphic advertising copywriting, television, radio copywriting, etc.nThe planning department of the marketing department is also very similar. It is generally responsible for writing product packaging, promotional materials (publicity albums, publicity bill pages, etc.) ...nIf you want to apply, it is best to look at his position first and clear the work content.nClassmate A (Bank staff): Write some words to deceive consumers!nDesigner: The copywriting is my partner. He is responsible for providing the text for me.nCompany Market Manager: Copywriting is responsible for managing documents and writing the posts I needed.nCreative Director of Advertising Company: Copy Copy Writer. Any excellent copy of the copywriting starts from copying, following the text works of others, and then innovation!nIf you ask me: I will tell you the simplest understanding -copywriting is a profession in writing.n... Categories such as promotional film script, advertising, product manuals, posters and other texts are all called copywriting works.nThe perspective of literature said: point directly to human nature, warm the heart!nThe perspective of market learning: has sales!nThe perspective of advertising: creativity reflects infinite charm!nThe perspective of psychology: can dominate and guide consumers' determination to buy!

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  4. The work of copywriting, according to statistics, includes the content as follows:
    news releases, character interviews, incident reports, report materials,
    Website copywriting, news soft text, WeChat Weibo copywriting,
    marketing solutions, marketing solutions, marketing solutions, marketing solutions Advertising scripts, graphic advertising,
    product copywriting, product manual, investment manual,
    poster and other dozens of service directions.

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