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  1. I am also a manual enthusiast. I mainly wool woven woven woven. I don’t know which type of handmade you are doing. Share my experience

    . I first went out to sell handmade products. If you like it, you will add WeChat to learn more and more people who want to learn more and more.
    Hello, please answer your questions!

    So with my experience, summarize the dry goods to you, I don't tell him most people! Remember to follow it after reading it! Intersection There are several ways to suck powder:
    In the channel to buy fans
    This is the fastest way to increase powder, which can meet your requirements in a short time, but I don't think it is suitable for you, because you need you need Live powder, and it is best to have similar interests, and most of them can be used to buy!
    mading powder suction powder
    The many ways here:
    The land push suction powder
    bring your own products, directly find the dense place of personal push, add friends to enter For free delivery, you can choose some of the low value, but you must ensure that quality products are used as gifts. If the quality is too poor and affects credibility, you must ensure the quality of the gift!
    C relatives and friends to help suck fans
    let relatives and friends help you forward the message in the circle of friends. You need some gifts or preferential information, so that it is more attractive!
    The method of writing at the last
    The method of rising powder. It can be used flexibly. The most important thing is to make a good product to ensure credibility. Business is destined to do it for a long time! I wish you better and better! come on!

    Hi everyone, I am Tong Yao's mother. I think that the best to build a group is good. The best point in this way is the low cost of investment and fast results.

    The epidemic situation this year has made many physical stores difficult. Many of them have closed down before the epidemic is over, but another community business is extremely hot. If you want to do it by yourself, you can first sell it. Starting from your own community or nearby communities, you can try it with some high -quality and low -cost products, or recommend friends to give away items, etc., you can try it.

    It, it depends on your handmade. Which category is his target customer base?

    is useless, expect this to make money, let's wash and sleep,

    Hey! worry! worry! Intersection worry! Intersection Intersection

    is now a fan economy. Be sure to accurately locate the fan group. You can play small videos. If you like it, you will pay attention to you. In the later period, fans are realized and the sales will be very good.

    I don’t like to build groups, just operate the circle of friends

    This to build a group to sell manual, in the current epidemic situation, it is a very good entrepreneurial way Essence Everyone who works hard and lives carefully should be affirmed and recognized.

    Yur said, I want to know that you are Jianwei WeChat and QQ group? If these two ways, I can give you some my own experience.

    The WeChat groups that are generally used in generals are generally used. Because WeChat users are large, everyone is used to it. Jianqun in WeChat,

    First of all: to match the contact in your phone into WeChat. Then send them a message and let them recommend you to more people. Let them pull you into more groups.

    Secondly, share your own WeChat in other ways and let others take the initiative to add you. When you have more than 100 people in your WeChat, you can first establish the group and share your handmade. Don't worry about selling goods first. When the people in your group have a certain stickiness, selling goods is not a problem.

    again. After your WeChat group is established, you can encourage the people in the group to pull the newcomers into your group and send some red envelopes appropriately. Just, it is mainly to increase the activity in the group.

    Cujian group is also a process of supporting groups. In the process of adding people, remember not to actively take the initiative to be named.

    I. I also use WeChat to start a business. From WeChat friends only 80 people to 5,000 people now, share my division experience with you

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