1 thought on “The Ministry of Education prohibits the explicit regulations of WeChat groups”

  1. Legal analysis: Some members of the CPPCC have proposed the "Proposal on Stop Primary School Teachers' WeChat and QQ on mobile phone WeChat and QQ. In response, the Ministry of Education made a reply, clarifying that "teachers must not arrange homework through mobile WeChat and QQ, and hand over the tasks of correction of homework to parents to avoid the appearance of 'school burdens, social burdens, teachers' burden reduction, parental burden on parental burden, and parental burdens. 'Waiting phenomenon ".
    Legal basis: "Compulsory Education Law of the People's Republic of China"
    I: In order to ensure the right to accept compulsory education for children and teenagers, to ensure the implementation of compulsory education, improve the quality of the national ethnicity, according to the Constitution and Education Law , Formulate this law.
    The country implements a nine -year compulsory education system.
    The compulsory education is the education that all aged children and teenagers must be accepted by the country's unified implementation, and the public welfare cause that the country must guarantee.
    The implementation of compulsory education, no tuition and miscellaneous fees.
    Ifs to establish a compulsory education funding guarantee mechanism to ensure the implementation of the compulsory education system.
    It compulsory education must implement the national education policy, implement quality education, improve the quality of education, and enable children with educated children, teenagers in morality, intelligence, and physical fitness. Disciplinary socialist builders and successors laid the foundation.

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