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  1. In today's era of information technology society and knowledge economy, the development of science and technology is thousands of miles. New technologies, new knowledge, and new management concepts have emerged endlessly. Especially in our power industry, science and technology are the basic driving force for the sustainable development of the power industry. Learning such as going against the water, if you do n’t advance, you will retreat; the progress is slow, which means regression; if you do n’t learn, you ca n’t catch up with the trend of the times, and you cannot meet the needs of the reform and development of the power industry. As a cadre specializing in communication work, I can deeply appreciate the importance of improving my comprehensive quality. In order to fulfill the duties of middle -level cadres, we must strengthen learning, improve management concepts and work skills, and keep pace with the times. Below, combined with the actual situation of my own work, how to be a electric middle -level cadre, I talk shallowly about my personal experience. Please criticize and correct them.
    One clear role positioning to enhance the sense of responsibility.
    Cing the role positioning of middle -level cadres is the prerequisite for fulfilling their responsibilities, and it is also the basis for individuals to compress themselves and enhance their sense of responsibility. As a middle -level cadre, we are the company's backbone force. We assume the responsibility of being up and down and coordinating. Specifically, middle -level cadres play the following roles: First, the role of policy implementation. The middle -level cadres should focus on the company's center, serve the overall situation, obey the orders of their superiors, and implement the intention of their superiors to the grassroots level. At the same time, the policy of superiors is macro, and we must encounter various specific situations during our implementation, and even encounter many problems. This requires us to exert its own subjective initiative. The route policy is transformed into real productivity. The second is the role of departmental leaders. The middle -level cadres are also the responsible persons of the management department. They must bring the team in charge, do a good job of in charge of business, do a good job of development planning of the export department, and allow the exporting business to achieve a healthy and scientific development. The third is the role of coordinator. Middle -level cadres are not passively accepting the instructions of the superiors, but they must take the initiative to carry out their jobs around their duties. We must fully grasp the situation of the relationship in a timely manner, organize the relevant information of the exporting business, organize relevant information, put forward rationalized suggestions in a timely manner, serve the decision -making of superiors, and serve as a superior decision. The role of communication up and down. In order to better implement the intention of the superiors and the misunderstanding of the subordinates and grassroots units, we must do a good job of explanation, and guide the personnel and personnel of the headquarters and the personnel of the departure management department to take the initiative and consciously implement the order. The middle level also needs to coordinate the relationship with the external. For example, I am the chief of the provincial power communication section. I need to deal with the communications department of the North China Power Grid and the State Grid, and grasp the new trends and new policies of the communications business of the national power industry. The overall situation of the company's development; sometimes it is necessary to deal with China Mobile, Unicom and local governments. It is necessary to introduce advanced technologies in the national communication and information industry, but also to strive for the support of local governments in order to better work. In other words, middle -level cadres must coordinate up and down, internal and external relations.
    In general, the role of middle -level cadres has a great responsibility. The comprehensive quality, including ideological quality, can only perform good job responsibilities. Therefore, you should strictly require yourself to strengthen your sense of responsibility and treat work with a high sense of responsibility and sacred mission. If you cannot fulfill your job responsibilities, the higher -level policies cannot be implemented well, and the management will also be sloppy, which will inevitably affect the overall situation of the power industry.
    This scientific management and improving management capabilities.
    The main responsibilities of middle -level cadres are management, and high management capabilities are critical for the success or failure of work. Throughout the country's enterprises, past management is generally extensive management, which can no longer meet the needs, and it is very important to advance with the times to improve the management concept. Under the guidance of modern management, we need to pay attention to the use of several methods:
    The one, scientific decision -making. The biggest success is the success of decision -making, the biggest failure is the failure of decision -making, decision -making is a matter of the general direction of the management, so you must be cautious. The company has high -level decisions, and the functional departments have middle -level decisions, which not only involves the healthy development of the department, but also has a considerable impact on grass -roots units. In view of the importance of the department's decision -making, we must conduct in -depth investigations and research at the grass -roots unit, listen carefully to the grass -roots opinions, actively adopt rationalized suggestions, and then settle the work center work to formulate annual plans and make decisions. In addition, we must listen carefully to the opinions of the staff of the department. In the long -term work, anyone has their own opinions and opinions on the problems that occur in the work. We must fully carry forward democracy and let the suggestions of the staff of the department be integrated into the decision. Group strategies to improve the scientific nature of decision -making. The "three leather shoemakers, the top Zhuge Liang" mentioned by the ancients means the importance of democratic decision -making.

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