Swing sewage drainage pipe installation specifications, Xiaobian enumerated in detail for everyone

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  1. Whether it is our lives or industry, as long as it is useful, special drainage pipes need to be excreted to discharge sewage. Water discharged from many places needs to meet relevant standards, and even drainage pipes need to meet the standards. The installation of sewage drainage pipes has certain specifications. So, what are the installation specifications for sewage drainage pipes? We need to install it when installation. What do you pay special attention to? Now I will introduce it to you in detail.

    1. Pipelines or dark settings shall be determined according to the nature of the building, the requirements of the building, and the plane layout of the building.
    2. The coldest monthly average temperature is above 0 ° C, and the extreme minimum temperature is above -5 ° C. The pipes can be applied outdoors along the wall.
    3. The standing tube should be set in the pipe well and the pipeline. The horizontal pipe of the public health building should be secretly set in the ceiling or the decorative wall

    . Living drainage pipelines The layout should comply with the following regulations:
    (1) Pipelines must not cross the water storage equipment room, flue, air ducts, settlement seams, telescopic seams, deformation seams, and bedrooms. Above of cooking, meals, and food kitchen. When the pipeline must cross the seams, telescopic joints, and deformation joints, corresponding technical measures must be taken.
    (2) It is not advisable to apply the side wall on the interior wall with high requirements with bedrooms, wards and quiet requirements.
    (3) Pipelines should not cross the window and wall cabinets.
    (4) When the living drainage plastic pipe is arranged in the same part as the water pipe riser of the water pipeline, the water pipe should be arranged outside, and the drainage pipe is arranged up and down below.
    (5) The drainage riser of the residential kitchen and bathroom shall be set separately, and a total of a riser shall be used.
    5. The extension of the extension pipe should be provided at the top of the drainage pipe of the living drainage, and the air hat should be provided at the top of the ventilation pipe.
    6. Multi -storey houses or public buildings with higher buildings, high -rise buildings above ten and ten floors. Special ventilation pipes should be set up in life drainage pipes.
    7. The design of the ventilation pipe should comply with the following regulations:
    (1) When the length of the ventilation riser is greater than 50m, the diameter of the pipe should be the same as the sewage tube; When two or more sewage risers are connected to a ventilation riser at the same time, the pipe diameter should be determined with the largest sewage riser, and the diameter should not be less than any other sewage pipe diameter.

    8. When the ventilation pipe, sewage, and wastewater of domestic sewage and living wastewater are required to be provided with a bronchial pipe, the H pipe parts should be used. The riser and living wastewater riser are connected. The connection point of the H pipe and the ventilation pipe should not be less than 0.15m above the upper edge of the sanitary appliance.
    The lowest sewage boring tube connection point of the minimum domestic sewage shall be installed and combined with ventilation pipes.
    9. The setting of the sewage pipeline system to clean or check the mouth should comply with the following requirements:
    (1) The riser should be set when the bottom layer and the pipeline should be set when turning at the bottom layer. 1M. In areas where the coldest monthly average temperature is lower than -13 ° C, the riser should set the check port at the highest-level indoor ceiling 0.50m.
    (2) The check port should be set on the sixth floor, and the check port should not be greater than 1.00m.
    (3) A checkpoint or cleaning port should be set on the horizontal tube with a rotating angle of the water flow.
    (4) In public buildings, the sewage pipes connecting 4 and more than 4 stools should be set up on the horizontal tube of the sewage.
    (5) When the straight line distance between the horizontal tube and the discharge pipe is greater than the specified value of Table 4.2.9, a check port or cleaning port should be set.

    above, Xiaobian introduced the installation specifications of sewage drainage pipes in detail. There are nine o'clock installation specifications. One detail and the installation of each port should be paid to some precautions. If you need to install consumption, you can refer to some suggestions given by the editor. Some details need you to pay special attention to it, otherwise it will be easy to ignore. Introduction can help you.

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