4 thoughts on “What are the industries in Xuzhou? The more detailed the better”

  1. The industries in Xuzhou include steel, coal, electricity, textile, chemical, machinery, building materials, metallurgy, I don’t want to divide

  2. Xuzhou mainly has five leading industries, including equipment manufacturing, food and agricultural and sideline product processing, energy industry, and commerce and logistics industry

  3. I am dizzy, LZ is super funny. I know that Xuzhou originally had the name of coal city. The coal mine resources were very rich, but now there should be not much.
    Xuzhou is a heavy industry. The mechanical aspect is a heavy mechanical factory.
    building materials: freshman, Shenghui, next to the food city.
    This ride on a bicycle, or watch Google's satellite map.

  4. 1. Xuzhou City: Heavy Machinery (such as XCMG, Carter, etc.)
    2, Jiawang District: solid wooden bed (maternal and baby bed, two -layer bed)
    3, Lizhou City: Chemical
    4, new, new, new, new Yishi: Fertilizer chemical
    5, Suining: pesticide chemical
    6, Peixian: coal
    7, Fengxian: the country's largest electric vehicle industry group, national staircase production base, wood industry production base, wood industry production base

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