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  1. China Security Network, China Security Exhibition Network, Baidu Weight 5, is two better portal websites in the security industry.
    It, as long as the websites such as electrical and automation are required, as long as they are more electrical, automated, it also includes the security sector.
    In security
    A security, according to the explanation of the current Chinese dictionary, the so -called safety is that there is no danger, no infringement, or accident; Attacking or avoiding injuries, alert refers to prevention and protection. Based on the above explanation, whether it can define the following definitions as follows: prepare and protect to cope with attacks or avoid injuries, so that the protected objects are in a state of safety without danger, no infringement, or accidents. Obviously, security is the purpose, prevention is the means of prevention, and the purpose of achieving or achieving safety through preventive means is the basic connotation of safety prevention.
    The system composition
    This security mainly includes: closed -circuit monitoring system, anti -theft alarm system, building lecture system, parking factory management system, community card system, infrared alarm system, electronic fence, patrol system, attendance attendance, attendance attendance The access control system, the security machine room system, the electronic test room system, the smart door lock, and so on.
    The basic configuration of each subsystem includes: front end, transmission, information processing/control/display/communication. Different subsystems, the specific content of the three major units is different,
    The alarm system
    The intrusive alarm system (IAS) Intruder Alarm System uses sensor technology and electronic information technology to detect and instruct illegal entry or attempt illegal illegal Entering electronic systems or networks that enter the defense area, process alarm information, and issue alarm information.
    The composition of the invasion alarm system is generally separate or combined by partial or combination of perimeter protection, inner (outside) area/space protection and physical target protection. The front -end device of the system is an invasive detector (sensor) of various types. The transmission method can use wired transmission or wireless transmission, and wired transmission can also use dedicated line transmission, telephone line transmission, etc. The system's terminal display, control, and equipment communication can be alarm controller or a alarm center console. When designing the system, the configuration of the invasive detector should make the detection range sufficient coverage, and the detector of various detection principles should be considered.
    Monitoring system
    The video security monitoring system uses video technology to detect, monitor the establishment of defense areas, and display the electronic system or network of live images in real time.
    The front -end device of this system is a variety of cameras (or video alarm) monitors and its auxiliary equipment. The transmission method can be transmitted by coaxial cables or fiber transmission. , Communication equipment (including multimedia technology equipment), generally uses an independent video center console or monitoring -alarm center console.
    control system
    The entry and exit control system uses customizers to identify or/harmonious mode recognition technology to identify the entrance and exit target and control the opening and exit execution mechanism to open the electronic system or network.
    The entry and exit control system is generally composed of three parts: the entrance and exit of the object (human, object) identification device, information processing, control, communication device and entrance control execution agency. The entry and exit control system should have preventive measures to prevent one -card from entering multiple or one card, and there should be a password system that prevent similar device from copying valid documents cards. The password system should be authorized to modify.
    The inspection system
    Telectronic inspection system to manage and control electronic systems or networks to manage and control the inspection routes, methods and processes of security inspectors.
    The management system
    The parking garage (field) management system to automatically log in, monitor and manage electronic systems or networks for automatic login, monitoring and management of the parking garage (field).
    The inspection system
    The explosion -proof safety inspection system checks whether relevant personnel, luggage, and cargo are carried by explosives, weapons and/or other electronic equipment systems or networks.
    The treatment system
    A safety explosion processing system includes: explosive portable water cutting processing system, explosion robot, explosive tank, excreted blanket, explosion service, etc., aiming to put items involved in hidden safety hazards Safety treatment.
    The alarm system
    Am or other targets can be able to report the status of its work in time when the vehicle or other targets are moved.
    The command system
    The alarm communication command system.
    The accessible safety management system is a new type of modern safety management system. It integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures. Many new technologies such as technology. It is an effective measure to solve the import and exit of important departments. It is suitable for various machines and departments, such as banks, hotels, machine rooms, weapons, machines, office rooms, office rooms, intelligent communities, factories, etc.
    The subsystem
    For example: for buildings, structures or special parts and special parts within it with special functional requirements, you need to design a security technical prevention system with special functions Protection system, explosion -proof and security inspection system, security information broadcasting system, etc.
    The security system integration-faster and clearer
    SOC (Security Center) -The comprehensive security management platform can combine all the previous independent security systems to truly achieve the core role of comprehensive security prevention. The main purpose of integrated security system is to focus on each separated subsystem and establish a unified platform to facilitate control, surveillance and management. Generally, but not limited to the integration of access control control systems, video security monitoring systems, fire detection and fire extinguishing systems, and invasion alarm systems.

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