1 thought on “How to start the name of the epidemic prevention and control group”

  1. As follows:
    1, concentric battle "epidemic", the same as the "screen" resonance
    , the title is suitable for writing the role of the Internet in resistance. Facing the epidemic, the Internet releases news of rumors in a timely manner to stabilize public opinion; online platforms rectify merchants who have increased illegal prices and stabilize prices; online education is developed online teaching to provide learning channels for children who cannot go out. You can use the title of "Concentric War ', and the same' screen 'resonance".
    2, anti -epidemic prevention, everyone should "bow and enter the game"
    "bowed into the game" comes from the famous saying of Zeng Guofan: "The world is in the world. Entering the game is very responsible, but there is a good thing. "It means that in the face of major events, he is in his abroad guidance, and has no effect. You must participate in it and dare to take responsibility to do good things.
    Faced with the epidemic that sweeps around, each of us cannot be in trouble, we should "bow and enter the game" to do a good job of the division. If writing is to express this meaning, you can use "Before the epidemic, everyone should bow and enter the game" as the title.
    3, after the gunshot, there is no winner
    This title is suitable for themes such as "the balance between people and nature" and "rejection of the odor". In 2003, the SARS epidemic, the current pneumonia epidemic, and two lessons of blood, repeatedly warned us that after the gunshot, there was no winner, not to refuse the game, and began at the fall of the tongue, which would lead to the fall of the city!

    4, negative Qingxiang, sword refers to the distance
    I is said to be killed by Hua Yan. he. After the death of Hua Yan, the prison official also performed medicine, which made some medical skills of Hua Yan spread. Later generations called medical books and medicine. Therefore, "in the blue sac, the sword refers to the distance", it can be used to sing medical workers bravely and dare to take responsibility.
    Simbing the questions: Qi Huang passed the salary fire, hanging the pot to save the life. This is a couplet of Acura and praise. In this anti -epidemic, medical workers are the most beautiful retrograde. Writing to sang and praise them, you can use this pair of couplets to do title.

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